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Appreciation of crystal wall sconces

Many decoration like to install wall sconce at your home, this wall sconce would not only improve house lighting temperature, but also improve stylish of decoration, it could make the house more beautiful.

crystal wall sconces

1: Gray crystal wall sconce, decorated with peacock and white flower, it looks simple and bright without any embelished, it is so beautiful.

crystal wall sconces

2: Accompany with aperture under the colorful pendant light, this whole light would be beautiful and free, we can use it in living room.

crystal wall sconces

3: European simple style wall sconce would bring the whole tide to the scene, we could use the color of wall paper to decorate the wall sconce.

crystal wall sconces

4: Crystal wall sconce is luxury and gorgeous, that would keep the whole wall transparent and bright, that let us look amazing.

crystal wall sconces

5: Like the old book design, the whole wall would be dim with romantic atmosphere.

crystal wall sconces

6: Just like balloon on the wall, we can use our favouriate color to design the whole room, that keeps the whole room full of strong temperament.

crystal wall sconces

Maybe crystal wall sconce is not the best, this can reflect gorgeous and luxury, during decoration period, hope the wall sconcce we recommended for you, you can like it!

crystal wall sconces

Vintage Lion Lighting

Rustic wall sconce lighting has lion fixture which was made of resin material. The dimension could be 14.5*14 inch. There is a glass shade to protect the bulb from damage which could make the light soft and mild.

What about the European crystal wall lamp?

This is a simple time, and the European crystal wall lamp can add a little reiki to the plain space. So young people prefer to the light in modern and simple style. Some people who pays attention to the taste and state will choose the crystal light in European style. The brilliant and luxury crystal light looks noble and luxury. The space which lightened by the crystal wall lamp can give people a relax, warm, romantic, simple and comfortable feeling. You can feel that the world is so excellent and pure.

European crystal wall lamp

The European crystal wall lamp is a kind of crystal light. At first, the crystal wall lamp is just used for the corridor, aisle, doorway and some other narrow spaces. Later, more and more people are fond of crystal light. They are enjoying the luxury material life. The former function of lighting and decoration has not been balanced any more. The decorative function has been the main part. The crystal wall lamp combines the natural crystal and quartz together. The crystal light is shiny and brilliant due to the purity, cut surface, and lead content of crystal.

How to install the European crystal wall lamp?

European crystal wall lamp

The European crystal wall lamp can bring home life a more warm and romantic beauty. However, we usually think that the beauty of the things has a close relationship with the position. Then, how to show the amazing charm of brilliant wall lamp? Next, Savelights will introduce the method of installing crystal wall lamp and make your life more convenient.

European crystal wall lamp

During the process of installing European crystal wall lamp, we need to determine the installation position firstly. The installation height of the wall lamp should over people’s visual horizon. The height is about 1.8 meters. Then, we can fix the lamp holder after determining the position. We can make a mark on the wall and then take the embedded or punching method to fix the stand by stuffing the expanded screw. Finally, we just need to connect the wire and everything will be finished. However, in the operation process, we need to pay attention to not hit the position of wires.

Do you know about the European crystal wall lamp? If there are still some questions during the installation process, you can look at the installation method on Savelights website again.

European crystal wall lamp

Blue Crystal Chrome Finish

2 Light Wall Sconce decorated by K9 blue crystal pendant which is shiny and firm. The fixture used chrome finish which is steady and resistance to rust. This kind of wall sconces used E14 bulb base.

What is the standard of wall lamp’s height?

The wall lamp is necessary in our home decoration in this modern society. However, most people have no idea about the standard of the height. Now, Savelights will help you to solve the problem.

The height of bedroom wall lamp

Wall Sconce

In general situation, the height of the wall lamp should be taller than people’s visual horizon. The distance between the floor and wall lamp can be 1.8 meters. It can never be lower than 1.8 meters, and strictly speaking, the height of between the bulb and floor can not be lower than 1.8 meters. Or it can not be called wall lamp and it can’t play the role of wall lamp.

The height of living room wall lamp

Wall Sconce

The height of the bedroom wall lamp can lower than the height of living room wall lamp. It can be from 1.4 meters to 1.7 meters. If there is a little baby in your family, then you need to install the wall lamp in the range that kids can not reach it. Or it will be dangerous for kids.

The protruding distance between the wall lamp and the wall

Wall Sconce

The problem of the height of wall lamp has been solved, then bo you know what’s the suitable distance between the wall and wall lamp? The suitable distance is in the range from 9 centimeters to 40 centimeters. However, you don’t need to pay much attention to this point, because you also need to choose the type of wall lamp.

After you have solved the problem of height, the brightness of wall lamp can not be too strong. Then, it will look more artistic. The color of the lampshade should be depended on the color of the wall. We should choose the lime green or light blue lampshade to match with the white or beige wall. And the cream, light yellow or brown lampshade is suitable for the aqua or blue wall. In this way, if we choose a kind of obvious wall lamp to decorate the wall in the same color of large area can give people a fresh, clear and graceful feeling.

If you are going to install the wall lamp, then you can refer to the standard which has been given in the above information. Finally, I wish that you could finish the decoration smoothly and live in your satisfied home soon.

Wall Sconce

Antique Wall Iron Material

Antique wall sconce has single light for lighting which should cater to E27 bulb base. It used wrought iron material as its fixture which is solid and durable. The shade could be glass material which has good transmission of light.

About decoration of wall lights

Society is growing, so is the house decorating, that is becoming more and more taste. Decoration of family wall sconce adds nordic temperament to house decoration. What about wall sconces? Now we will introduce you some decorations about wall lights.

1. Quality of lamp shade

When you purchase wall sconces, we had better check the quality of light itself. Shade is made of glass material, at the same time, fixture is made of metal material. Transparent of light decides the shade, at the same time, surface pattern had better be harmony with whole style. Metal’s good anti-oxidation and bright color are important index of quality.

2. Bright color of wall light

In general, soft light is best, degrees are below 60W. In addition to that we had better choose various wall light, such as that if you have small house, then you can use single light wall light, if you have big house you can use two-light wall light, if you have big house, you also can choose thick wall light, otherwise, we can choose thin wall light. In addition to, we had better choose wall light protected by bulb, that could burn wall paper to avoid danger.

3. Style of wall lights are harmony with occasions, if you choose big house, then we can install 2-light wall sconce, if you choose small house, you can also install single wall light.

4. Color of wall light is harmony with wall light.

5. Thickenss of wall light is harmony with installation site.

6. Light source power is harmony with desition.

7. Hieght of wall light is a little higher than head.

Next we will indtroduce one pc of wall light from savelights

Mermaid Fixture Wall Sconces

Stained glass classic Tiffany wall sconces come with only one E27 aperture which can be used incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Downlight wall sconces hold by mermaid fixture.

Down Light Industrial Wall Light Sconces Vintage Country Style

Retro style lights are getting more and more popular today. Cause the more and more stress we get, so we are starting pursue the antique fashion. The vintage style light could add a lot of interests for you.

wall sconces

wall sconces USD$132.99, save 40%off.
It used whole wrought iron design which is durable and solid enough after long time using. Not only this, it also used gray painting on the surface which could resistance to rust and corrosion.

wall sconces

There is an iron material shade to protect the bulb from damage and make the light soft and mild. Under the shade, there is a E26/E27 bulb base which apply to incandescent bulbs, energy saving bulbs and led bulbs etc.

wall sconces

The square shaped wrought iron fixture base could suffer high pressure. So it can afford the fixture easily.

A Nice Lighting Option-Decorative wall Sconce lighting

Wall sconce or wall lights are easy to place on the wall decorating the interiors make where look more beautiful. Because of which can save much space compare to table lamp or floor lamp, wall sconce lighting become more popular used for small place for room accent. Wall sconce lighting has many different types, size and shapes release modern look, classic or simple casual to meet what you want.
Wall Sconce Lighting

Wall Sconce Lighting: $82.99, save 40%.

Wall sconce lighting not only a task lighting but more a home decor. The white Home Decor Wall Sconces With Wrought Iron Material for instance. Hollow workmanship is exquisite best to accentuate any room.
Wall Sconce Lighting

For it small size with diameter is about 18 cm wide and 20 CM high fixture dimension. It is about 5 CM distance between the wall and lampshade. Can be used for foyer, porch or bedroom occasion.
Wall Sconce Lighting

Lampshade is made of aluminum material in white color. Hollow petal design is beautiful and attractive for interiors accent. Decorate a room extremely elegant and romantic. Faux crystal is an ice on cake highlights the modern sconce lighting that surely you should not ignore.

Blue Color Alloy Fixture Glass Tiffany Style Wall Sconces

Romantic Mediterranean style stand love tales. It can be a witness of your love. And sea blue color is fresh and neat. The wall sconces used multiple elements as decoration. Such as bead, floral etc.

Blue Tiffany Wall Sconces

Blue Tiffany Wall Sconces USD$142.99,save 40%off.
The biggest feature for Tiffany lights is the stained glass. The shade i not easy to fade. It has different color under different circumstance. When it turns on, it is classical and gentle, and when it turns off, it is warm and romantic.

Blue Tiffany Wall Sconces

The wall sconces has blue glass shade to make the light soft and mild. The floral patterns looks vivid. And the beaded design make the fixture more charming and interesting.

Blue Tiffany Wall Sconces

The screw base could beE26/E27 which apply to incandescent, energy saving bulbs and led bulbs etc. The fixture could be zinc alloy material which could suffer high pressure and temperature.

Down-light Black Design Umbrella Industrial Lighting Vintage

Industrial style lights becoming more and more popular today, for ours’ pursuit. Too much modern and fashion elements, we already tired of these. What we need most is natural, primitive, past. And this is want industrial lights could give you.
Black Wall Sconces

Black Wall Sconces USD$142.99, save 40%off.
From its appearance, you can’t figure what is it, lights, decoration, or art crafts? Yes, this is its charming. It very suits for bar counter, coffee shop, leisure area etc. It has double lights for lighting which should cater to E26/E27 bulb base.

Black Wall Sconces

It also has two shade to protect the bulb from scratch. The classic umbrella shape design is attractive and decorative. It also has black painting finish on the surface to make sure the shade is firm and solid.

Black Wall Sconces

And the bulb base was made of whole brass material which has high end quality. It could suffer high pressure and high temperature.

Decorative Mediterranean Blue Up-light Wall Sconces

The whole fixture looks very neat and fresh. Mediterranean style is very modern and funky. Blue wall sconce I a dreamy color which is girls’ favorite.

Blue Wall Sconces

Blue Wall Sconces USD$186.99, save 40%off.
The wall sconce has double lights for lighting which should cater to E12/E14 screw base. It apply to incandescent bulbs, led bulbs and energy saving bulbs etc.

Blue Wall Sconces

The wall sconces also has antique candle design. It could decorate your space extremely. And the fixture could be solid and strong wrought iron material. It also has painting finish on the surface.

Blue Wall Sconces

There are double light holder which was made of glass material. It looks very beautiful and exquisite.

multiply the beauty of the room with decorative wall sconces

To multiply you home, decorative wall sconce is one of the best option. It can be used for a living room or even makes a boring entryway updated. What is more, decorative wall sconces for living room look great but cost less, and a nice practical addition to the wall decor. The follow Retro Country Iron Fixture Wall Mount Candle Sconce is what we would provide for you.

Decorative Wall Sconces For Living Room
Decorative Wall Sconces For Living Room: $122.99, save 40%.

The two-light wall sconce is vintage look that we take a short view of using it for living room. Certainly it can be used for many other occasion such as bedside, porch, foyer or the stair.
Decorative Wall Sconces For Living Room

Wrought iron fixture is original and durable, reminds of history, antique look but we get a feeling of luxury accompanied with crystal ball decoration.
Decorative Wall Sconces For Living Room

Candle lamp holder is one biggest feature of wall sconce that is classic and antique, which has been used for a long time Fixture is process by painting finish.
Decorative Wall Sconces For Living Room

Decorative wall sconce as its name that is used for home decorating, they are small in size so lighting it give can not illuminate large space, but it provides directional lighting serve your purpose directly.