Bringing in the old times with Vintage Chandeliers

Give your house an elegant, glamorous, and a dramatic makeover by adding a vintage chandelier. Not only do they add the above stated elements, chandeliers also create an ambience one will crave for. Vintage or antique chandeliers have a unique craftsmanship that has no competition. Apart from illuminating the room, they give out the aura of romance and love. Antique chandeliers are also available in plenty of options. They may be made in wood, brass, bronze, silver, crystal, glass, or metal – and you can pick any that matches your decor.

Antique Industrial Style Lighting

The evolution of vintage chandeliers

Originally, the chandeliers were not electric. In old times, it was the candles that met the lighting needs. From candles, it got evolved to gas chandeliers, which had specific hollow tubes that doubles as the arms of the chandelier and way for the gas to light. With time and technology, many of these vintage chandeliers have been converted into electric ones.

Things to keep in mind

Don’t go on and impulsively buy a vintage chandelier. Think and act. The most important thing to keep in mind is the size of the room you are willing to add the chandelier to. Big chandeliers look good only in rooms with either high roofs or big area. If you are planning to add one in a smaller room, go for smaller chandeliers like the drum ones which have light shades.

Since you will be opting for something antique, know that you are in for some maintenance too. These need to be carefully handled and cleaned. For this, you also need to know the origin and age of the chandelier. This is so because then you will know how to clean and maintain them.

Vintage Chandeliers

Whether you wish to hang them in a prominent place, or somewhere more private like a bedroom, that room is for sure going to have a charm of its own.

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