Bringing in the old times with Vintage Chandeliers

Give your house an elegant, glamorous, and a dramatic makeover by adding a vintage chandelier. Not only do they add the above stated elements, chandeliers also create an ambience one will crave for. Vintage or antique chandeliers have a unique craftsmanship that has no competition. Apart from illuminating the room, they give out the aura of romance and love. Antique chandeliers are also available in plenty of options. They may be made in wood, brass, bronze, silver, crystal, glass, or metal – and you can pick any that matches your decor.

Antique Industrial Style Lighting

The evolution of vintage chandeliers

Originally, the chandeliers were not electric. In old times, it was the candles that met the lighting needs. From candles, it got evolved to gas chandeliers, which had specific hollow tubes that doubles as the arms of the chandelier and way for the gas to light. With time and technology, many of these vintage chandeliers have been converted into electric ones.

Things to keep in mind

Don’t go on and impulsively buy a vintage chandelier. Think and act. The most important thing to keep in mind is the size of the room you are willing to add the chandelier to. Big chandeliers look good only in rooms with either high roofs or big area. If you are planning to add one in a smaller room, go for smaller chandeliers like the drum ones which have light shades.

Since you will be opting for something antique, know that you are in for some maintenance too. These need to be carefully handled and cleaned. For this, you also need to know the origin and age of the chandelier. This is so because then you will know how to clean and maintain them.

Vintage Chandeliers

Whether you wish to hang them in a prominent place, or somewhere more private like a bedroom, that room is for sure going to have a charm of its own.

Create a Scintillating Ambience with Tiffany Chandeliers

It is easy to decorate or redecorate a room with light fixtures because of the unlimited options now available. But, it is not easy to create a space that is gorgeous and eye-catching. A mesmerising place can only be created with some magic, and that magic can only be illuminated with Tiffany chandeliers, where each chandelier is wrapped with elegance.

Add the wow-factor now!

You can choose from a range of stunning designs, that are not only hand-crafted, but are all unique. Crafted for generations, chandeliers by Tiffany instantly light up a space with an appeal that one can never get out of their head.

9-Light Tiffany Stained Glass Chandelier

Various styles to choose from!

Typically, chandeliers by Tiffany will have stained glass designs that are hand painted to perfection. You can choose from a range of colours too. You may go for subtle shades of gray, black, or even white; or go for their classic colourful shades of red, blue, green, and so on. However, with time there limitless sizes and designs added to their kitty. From simple designs to intricate designs, there is one for everyone. They are now also available in traditional, modern, contemporary, crystal, industrial, and rustic range. Depending on the size of the room, you may also pick the number of bulbs you would like to boast.

Blue Stained Glass Tiffany Chandelier

Timeless designs

Tiffany chandeliers are known for their timeless designs. You can hang one in your living room, kitchen, or even bedroom, and it will always be as charming as it has been. If you want to have a grand entry to your home, hang a big chandelier in your entrance hallway and make that impact.

It is time to bring in sophistication, grace, and style, all blended into one with your very own chandelier by Tiffany.

Illuminate your space like never before!

With Tiffany light fixtures, you can convert any room into an interesting one. No matter what your taste is, with Tiffany style lights it is always an experience to cherish. From contemporary to traditional, you will get a lot of options to choose from. Known for their inspiration from the Art nouveau, designs by Tiffany can range from being extremely sensuous to highly subtle.

Large Tiffany Pendant Lights

Tiffany light fixtures are basically stained glass fixtures. They provide the much needed grace to any room with their hand-painted glass designs. The speciality of these hand-painted glasses is that they are done in reverse, which in all gives a delicate and beautiful finish when the lights are turned on.

Always be unique

Since all the pieces are hand-painted, you will never find two alike products in Tiffany style. And isn’t it always fun to enjoy monopoly? Meant for indoors only, the light fixtures by Tiffany are easy to maintain as well. You only need to clean them with a dry cloth once in a while. Mostly made in iron or brass, the fixtures are also sturdy and have a long life. Need more reasons to look forward to? Read on.

For the tasteful minds

If you have an inclination towards art, then Tiffany light fixtures are meant for you. As already mentioned, each piece is hand-crafted and is unique, and it takes an eye that has details for such beauty to pick one of these.

Make your pick!

Antique Tiffany light fixtures

So, go ahead and make your pick from tons of designs available. From a colour palette to subtle tones, there is one for everyone. Giving the perfect balance of light and art, light fixtures in Tiffany style are surely to make place in your heart and your house.

Light up your world with Industrial Look Lighting

Lights are very important for any kind of room, because they have the capability of creating or destroying the correct aura of a room. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any other room of the house, you need lights that give out the maximum light, yet maintain the tract of the room.

Industrial Look Lighting Fixtures Rope

Get that Magazine look!

Planning to redecorate or adding something to your space? Then you must be one of those flipping through the interior magazines to look for inspiration for your space. Whether it is your bedroom, dining room, or kitchen, the trend of the hour is indeed industrial look lighting.

Be different, be unique

In this modern era, everything is going modern, including the decor. But for how long will this trend last? The modern-style, no doubt, is appealing because of its intricate styling and unique designs, but everyone seems to going for it. It is time to be different and unique, and you can simply do that by going simple, or in better words – industrial.

Industrial look lighting has something or the other for any kind of space. So, whatever your lighting needs are, there is a solution for that. For example, if you need a light for your work desk? Go for a straight-line lamp or an industrial pendant light.

Function and form

Industrial look lighting

That is the thing about Industrial Pendant lighting, the form of the lights are as important as their function. And thus, they make for the right choice for any kind of space. From outdoors to indoors, industrial lightings are the safest way to go while giving a trendy outlook to your desired space. So, give the impact you wish to with the right type of lighting with industrial style lights – simple, rustic, and yet clean.