How to install the bedroom chandelier to show the master’s taste?

The chandelier, which regarded as a kind of unique light, it is usually used in some large spaces, such as the hall of public areas. And the chandelier is mainly installed in the living room to make people appreciate it. Therefore, many people will ask that whether the chandelier is suitable for the bedroom. How to install the chandelier in the bedroom. Next, lets’ have a look!

Whether it is suitable to install the chandelier in the bedroom?

Beautiful crystal bedroom chandelier

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The bedroom is regarded as people’s haven and gas station, so its settings and environment have an important effect on people’s sleep. Can we install the chandelier in the bedroom? Let’s have a look!

First, the color of light source of bedroom chandelier: the white color is the most suitable

The lighting of bedroom chandelier should be in white color. Never choose the red color. The white light source is suitable for people’s life habit. The yellow color seems to absorb the wealth, because in five elements, the yellow represents the earth, while the earth can produce wealth, so the yellow color has the meaning of absorbing wealth. We mustn’t use the red light source, because the red color can make people irritable. If we install the red light source beside the head of the bed, then it is easy for the husband or wife to get derailment.If you want to see more chandeliers, see here.

Second, the installation position of bedroom chandelier

Never install the chandelier on the head of the bed or above the bed in the bedroom. On the one hand, it will bring the inconvenience; on the other hand, it will give people the spiritual burden.

Third, choosing the type of bedroom chandelier

We need to consider all things fully when we choose the type of the bedroom chandelier, such as the home style, the shape of chandelier and so on. We should not choose the chandelier with too many edges and corners. The suitable chandelier can bring lucky and good opportunity.

Fourth, the number of bedroom chandelier

The bedroom chandelier is differ from the living room chandelier. The chandelier for living room should be installed many bulbs because we need to make the living room bright. While we should install three chandeliers in the bedroom, the odd number is suitable.

Beautiful crystal bedroom chandelier

Fifth, the choice of bedroom chandelier

Different rooms have different functions, so the decorations of chandelier are different. The bright living room and dim bedroom shows that the lighting for the living room should be bright and strong while the lighting for the bedroom should be dim. The lighting for bedroom should be soft. The dazzling lighting will have a bad influence on people’s sleep.

How to install the bedroom chandelier?

The chandelier in nautical style comes from Spain which has a long nautical history. These kinds of chandeliers can be lighted by power or oil. It is very suitable for the unique indoor furnishing. The chandelier should not be hung too low by electrical wire or iron branch, or it will disturb people’s eyesight and make people feel dazzled. Take the chandelier in the dining room as an example, the ideal effect is to install the chandelier over the table, and it will not block the eyesight’s between people. Nowadays, the hanging stent of chandelier has been equipped with the spring or height adjuster, so it can satisfy the demands on different heights.

We should pay attention to its position, and height if there is more than one chandelier. We can install the chandelier when we install the ceiling, then we can adjust the height of the chandelier according to the ceiling joystick.

There are two methods of making the boom out of the ceiling. the direct method or adding a casing on the boom. The later method is easy for installation, we can make the ceiling complete and just need to drill a hole. The first method is uneasy for people to find out the correct position of hole. Sometimes, we will need to install the boom firstly and then cut off the surface of ceiling. Thus, the whole decoration effect will be affected.

Elegant candle bedroom chandelier

There should be thread in a certain length on the boom to prepare for the adjustment of height. We should pay attention to the reliability of connection if we hang the chandelier box under the boom and sling.

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