What should we pay attention to when we choose the LED light?

The lightning diode tube is also called LED light. It is a kind of light which is translucent and can distribute and change the light source. It includes all components that used to fix and protect LED light source, as well as the wires which used to connect the power. There are lots of brands of LED light. Savelights wants to remind you that we need to pay attention to the following precautions when consumers choose, use and maintain the LED light.

LED light

First, we need to have “three look” when we choose the LED light.

We need to looks that whether the product identification is complete. There should be the name of enterprise, the address, the trademark, the type, the specification, the rated voltage, the rated frequency and the rated power and so on. We also need to check whether the product number is equivalent with the certificated type and the electrical parameter is correct.

Besides, we need to observe whether there is a CCC safety certification mark on the wires. And the cross-sectional area of the outside wire should not be less than 0.75 mm2.

In addition, we need to observe that whether the electrical part of the light is out of the body. We can touch the electrical metal light head after installing the light base.

LED light

Second, we should check the mark carefully after we buying the light.

We should install and use the light after reading the instruction. If you find that the tube on the two sides is becoming red when you use the light, and the light tube is not bright, then we need to change the old tube in time refer to the parameters of light source.

LED light

We need to look over the instruction when we clean and maintain the LED light. We just need to remove the lampshade, clean the lamp chamber and change tube. We’d better not unload other components. We should install the light correctly after cleaning and maintaining the light.

Led Pendant Lighting

Modern Led Pendant Lighting

Led pendant lighting is composed of hardware ceiling plate, acrylic shade and led light souce. Wave shaped fixture has painting finish, smooth and solid. White ceiling plate suffers the pressure from fixture totally.

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