The introduction of rattan lamps in pastoral style

The light is always playing the lighting role in our life. And the light can also decorate our home environment. We just need to pay more attention to the purchasing of light, then we can make our home more beautiful and elegant. Thus, Savelights wants to introduce the pastoral rattan lamp to you. Let’s look at the following introduction.

Rattan Natural Pendant Lights

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The pastoral rattan lamp —- the introduction of pastoral rattan lamp

Pastoral rattan lamps

The material of rattan lamp is the wild rattan, so it shows the desire of closing to the nature. It can make people get away the noisy city life and get a quiet environment. People who chooses the rattan lamp to decorate the room can remember the earlier relaxed life, so they will be indulged in the rattan scene, aroma and feelings and so on.

The pastoral style is a common decoration style. Its main purpose is to show the pastoral temperament through the decoration. The pastoral style doesn’t mean the country style, it means that people feel closer to the nature and have a natural environment.

The simplicity is the key point that more and more people choose the pastoral style. In the noisy city, people want to be closer to the nature to pursue a simple and plain life. So the pastoral style was born. The people who likes pastoral style are mainly humble and know how to live and enjoy the life. The theme of pastoral style is to get close to the nature and return to the plain and simple life style. The biggest feature of pastoral style is simplicity, affability,and actuality.

Pastoral rattan lamps

The pastoral rattan lamp —- the identify skill of pastoral rattan lamp

First, the fabric

The mouth of the ordinary incandescent
lamp is made of white iron, which is easy to get rusty. The lamp in high quality is usually made of aluminum alloy, so it is uneasy to get rusty.

Pastoral rattan lamps

Second, the filament

The good lamp is usually equipped with double filaments, and the poor lamp usually takes advantage of the single filament.

Third, the brightness /

For lighttub, the good lighttub is processed by disposable powder coating with the large machine, so the brightness is average. However, the poor lighttub is processed by artificial powder coating, so the brightness is not average.

Fourth, the price

We can not just pay attention to the low price, after all, the quality is proportional to the price.

Fifth, the certification

We need to see whether the product has the 3C certification, and we also need to verify its content.

Sixth, the new or antique product.

The skill of new product is not sure to be mature. So we should not only buy the new product, while ignore the antique product.

The analysis and introduction of European light

There are a lot of features of European light, Nowadays, many villas are decorated with European lights. Actually, the price of European light is relatively high. So we’d better choose the ordinary light if there is no necessary. However, if you like European light very much and want to buy,you can look at the European lighting rankings ,then you should read the paper carefully. Savelights will introduce the features of European light.

European glass bronze light

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The feature of European light —- the introduction of the feature of European light

European Luxury Glass Chandelier

The European light with glamorous decoration, strong colors, exquisite shape can make the luxury, splendid and noble palace effect. The European light pays attention to the lines, shape,and carving. The European light can also make the distressed effect by the artificial rust and dark paint and so on.

The shapes of European light are various, such as the candle holder chandelier, shield-type wall lamp and hat-type table lamp and so on. The materials are usually solder, iron and cloth and so on. The whole effect is usually noble, steady and reliable.

European candle crystal light

The shape of candle holder chandelier in classic style looks like the candle holder which used by Harry Potter. The retro and chic shape is the most typical type of European classical home style. The copper and resin are mainly regarded as the main material. And this kind of chandelier pays much attention to the details of its floral patterns. The solder chandelier is a kind of metal light, but the luster is plain. It looks more steady and graceful with the combination of glass.

The feature of European light —- the analysis of the feature of European light

European Black Crystal Chandelier

In recent light market, the light in European classical style is always popular and has its own unique charm. The materials of European light are mainly resin, pure copper, forged iron. The resin light has lots of shapes and shapes, so it looks more polished and bright after sticking the gold foil and silver foil. The pure copper, forged iron shape looks simple and it can show more texture. With the increasing of age, people’s taste will be changed gradually. Some people like simple and plain beauty before, but now they are fond of luxury and fancy beauty. The way to express beauty is different. The middle-aged people usually pursue the luxury, glamorous and complicated feeling, so the have been attracted by the European classical style deeply.

The European light is very gorgeous, and it is difficult for people to maintain the European light. We must see the manual clearly before we installing the European light, then we can maintain it correctly and properly. And the service life of European light can be improved. I hope the paper written by Savelights can help you a lot.

How to match the light with European indoor furnishing?

There are various kinds of styles of light. The common are European light, American light and so on. We need to determine the style of light according to the real situation when we decorate the home. The European lights are all luxury and noble which is a kind of light used for palace. Then, how to match the light with European indoor furnishing? Today, Savelights will introduce some collocation knowledge of European lights.

European 3-Light Crystal Lights

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The light for European decoration —- the brief introduction of European light

The European light, is the symbol of elegance and luxurious. It comes from the European classic art and simulates the ancient palace effect. The charm of European classical style depends on its history track, so its graceful and timeless temperature can show the master’s noble and superior life taste. The European light with glamorous decoration, strong colors, exquisite shape can make the luxury, splendid and noble palace effect. The European light pays attention to the lines, shape,and carving. If you want to learn more about the characteristics of European lights, please see here.

European retro restaurant chandelier

The light for European indoor furnishing —- the light collocation of European decoration

The choice of light. How to choose the European light for all kinds of spaces. Generally speaking, the height of corridor and hall is not very tall. For example, the height of common floor is about 2.5 meters, and the height of villa is about 2.8 meters to 3 meters. If the height is lower than the usual height, then we can choose the ceiling light or semi-extinguishing light for your room. For villa, which the height is about 2.8 to 3 meters, so we can choose the whole-hanging or semi-hanging chandelier. We shouldn’t choose the complicated light for corridor or hall. We should choose the light in simple light which can go well with the whole effect.

The living room is the most important place in a home. It is very important for people to choose a suitable light for living room. A good and suitable light can height the living room and improve the temperament of whole home. Then, what is the first choice of light for living room?

Modern European style chandelier

We need to observe the height of floors and the space. The height of floor is usually about 2.6 to 2.8 meters, so we’d better not choose the too tall light which is over 60 centimeters., or people will have a sense of oppression and the space looks smaller. If the height of floor is 2.6 meters, then we’d better leave 2 meters, then people will have a comfortable environment and the lighting will be soft and suitable for people. If the height of floor is about 2.8 meters, then we can choose the candle or hanging-chain type, in that way, the lighting will be good and soft and can give people a satisfied effect. Let’s talk about the light for living room about its color collocation.

Top European designs chandelier

Apart from the height of the living room light, the other is the color collocation. We need to observe the main color of home decoration, such as the color of door and baseboard and so on. If the main color is white, then we should choose the living room light in soft white color. If the main color of living room is in walnut color or mahogany color, then we can have many choices. We can choose the black, red, gold or some neutral color for the living room. From the aspect of right, we need to observe the whole height of floor first, and then choose the suitable light.

The introduction and choosing method of living room crystal light

The crystal light for living room is a beautiful product. If you are the modern young people, then you can choose the crystal light for living room. It can improve the temperament of whole home. Next, Savelights will tell you some choosing knowledge of the crystal light for living room.

Crystal chandeliers

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The crystal light for living room —- the introduction of crystal light for living room

The crystal light can create a luxury and funky environment, so it is favored and purchased by many consumers. There are many kinds and types of lights on the market, so the competition between the crystal light and ordinary light is intense. With the development of optical fiber and diode technology, the crystal light become more mini and light and it is more suitable for the modern indoor furnishing. In addition, the cutting technology makes the crystal light more chic and its modern contour and dreamy color are the attracting point of modern home. These technologies has made the crystal light into an important level. More and more consumers like crystal light very much.

The crystal light for living room —- the purchase method of crystal light for living room

Crystal chandeliers

We should choose the crystal light according to the size and appearance of the room. It is suggested by the expert that if the area of living room is about 20-30 square meters, then we could choose the crystal light with one-meter diameter. We can choose the crystal light according to the different home style and different indoor furnishing. Some loft houses mainly choose the elegant and beautiful crystal ceiling light and crystal chandelier for living room. If you are the modern young people or the new married couple, you may as well choose the fancy crystal wall light in warm color and with lots of pendants. If you want to install the crystal light in the kitchen, then you can choose the energy-saving and warm crystal chandelier.

The crystal light for living room —- pay attention to the color fastness of crystal light for living room.

Crystal Ceiling Light

The crystal lights in different levels has different service life. The difference between the high-end and middle-level crystal light is not obvious, but the difference between the high-end and low-level light is easy to be seen. Consumers should look at its colorful effect, then observe its gold plating layer. Generally speaking, the metal accessories of high-end product are mainly plated 24k gold. This kind of plating will not be faded and it will not get rusty for a several years. The low product can not get the effect and it will be faded after several months. The low crystal light will be dimmed after using for a several time and the frame will get rusty. However, the high-end crystal light will not be faded even after using for two or three years.

Crystal Ceiling Light

There are various colors of crystal light for living room. We should pay more attention to the quality of crystal light, but not its appearance.If you want to see more crystal chandeliers please see here. Actually, some crystal lights look beautiful, while they are not pragmatic. I hope that this paper of crystal light for living room which has been written by Savelights can help you a lot.

Wrought iron European lighting fixture

Why we are afraid of dark, since the dark cover our eyes, that produce the fear for the world, the appearance of lighting fixtures let us not afraid the night, that let people rnjoy the multi-color. Lighting fixture plays important role in our life, we can’t be without them. The European wrought iron lamps are luxury and dramatic, let us enjoy them.

Iron European lamps

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Lighting fixtures are necessary lighting fixture for home, it is decorative for our home. In most lighting fixtures, wrought iron is full of antique temperament. Old wrought iron lighting fixtures, that are hung with various candles, nowadays wrought iron lamps have changed candles to bulbs, then we can add beautiful shades, that let the whole European wrought iron lamps full of noble and classic look. Today we will have a look at European wrought iron lamps.

How about European wrought iron lamps?

Iron European lamps

European wrought iron lamps are belong to classic style, that would emphasize decorative and multi-color and boutique style, that would have luxury effect, almost of living room would be installed into pendant lights,if you want to see the living room chandeliers please click here, that would reflect luxury style.

Iron European lamps

European wrought iron fixtures are made of wrought iron and resin material, wrought iron fixture keeps it more steady, resin makes its style diversity, at the same time it has anti-corrosion and non-conducting.

Iron European lamps

Almost shade is hand made, color is warm, that would reflect romantic and soft light, that would show its elegance and romance.

How to choose European lighting fixtures?

Many people prefer European style, since this style is romantic and full of temperament, so it is important for us to choose bedroom lights, we need many styles for bedroom lights, such as main light, bedside lamp, and etc, it is necessary for us to use light for reading books, doing up and etc, if we have perfect bedroom lighting fixtures, it also can adjust our atmosphere, then how to decorate bedroom lighting fixtures? Today I will show you the details about how to choose bedroom lights.

Bedroom European lighting

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How to decorate bedroom lighting fixtres?

Bedroom European lighting

1. According to statistics, we almost spend half a day at home, more than office and school, we almost spend 6 hours at bedroom, since the living environment would be more important.

2. Bedroom is used for sleeping and relax, since general lighting would be setted belong bed furniture, we can choose low color temperature and proper lighting fixture to control the glare. If you need romantic and wide room, we could not install general lighting,floor lamp and table lamp would make comfortable environment.

3. In general we can control bedroom lighting, wireless remote is smooth and dimmable.

4. Bedroom night lamp can be setted according to vision, position of night lamp can be placed below bedside table or outside our vision, we can use the weak light or adjustable lamp, it also can be regarded as night lamp

How to choose bedroom lights?

Bedroom European lighting

1.Bedroom decorative style decides the lighting fixture styles, if your bedroom is fresh and simple, then the lighting fixture would be matched with bedroom style, then we can choose modern crystal lights, if your bedroom is vintage syle, then we can choose European style, that would be classic and noble. Lighting fixtures would be matched with decorative style, otherwise it is not harmony. If you want to see more about the choice of bedroom lighting, see here.

2.When you choose bedroom lighting fixture, we also need to consider the demand , if you use mirror light, we can choose warm light to avoid glare, some people prefer reading books on the bed, then we can choose table lamp or wall sconce to provide lighting, in the choice of lighting choice, then we can choose proper reading light or dimmable lights.

Bedroom European lighting

3.The lighting choice is related to bedroom styles and height, if your bedroom is high enough to install crystal chandelier, that looks pretty and comfortable, if your bedroom is not high, then we can choose ceiling lights, then it would not be short and repression, then the bedroom would not comfortable to influce sleeping quality.

The feature of ceiling light in living room

After finished the home decoration, people will choose the household appliances. They will pay much attention to the ceiling light for the living room, because the ceiling light has a large and important influence on home decoration. A good ceiling light can improve the temperament of whole home. Next, let’s look at the features of ceiling lights in the living room with Savelights.

Vintage 3-Light Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights

What are the features of living room ceiling light?

The common ceiling lights are square-cover ceiling light, ball ceiling light, tip-flat-round ceiling light, semi-ball ceiling light, semi-flat ceiling light, small squar-cover ceiling light and so on. The ceiling light is suitable for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on. The ceiling light can be installed on the ceiling directly. The installation is simple and the type is elegant, so it can make the space bright and cheerful. How to choose the ceiling light? Generally speaking, there are ballast and ring lamp tube. The ballast includes inductance ballasts and electronic ballasts. Compared with the inductance ballasts, the electronic ballasts can improve the light effect of ceiling light and the whole system. It can be opened immediately and its service life can be prolonged. What’s more, the electronic ballast has low temperature, no noise, small size and light weight. Its power consumption is only one third or one fourth of the inductance ballast. So the consumers are willing to choose the ceiling light with electronic ballast.

Ceiling lights

The ring lamp tube includes halogen powder and tri-chromatic powder. The latter has a good color rendering, a strong brightness and the light failure is slow. However, the former one is absolutely adverse. How to distinguish the halogen powder and trichromatic powder? We can open the two tubes simultaneously, and then put our hands near the tube, then you can find that you hand is whitish and unnatural, while the skin is natural and real under the light of trichromatic powder. There are two kinds of ceiling lights: the one with remote control and the other without. The ceiling light with remote control is convenient for people, so it is suitable for the bedroom. The materials of lampshade of ceiling light are usually plastic and plexi-glass The glass lampshade is seldom to be seen.

Ceiling lights

Trough the above introduction, you must have a certain understand on ceiling light. However, the ceiling light has the lampshade, so you can not let your kids to throw the toys into the lampshade, or the lampshade will be broken and hurt kids badly. So we must pay much attention to the quality of ceiling light.


What should we pay attention to when we choose the LED light?

The lightning diode tube is also called LED light. It is a kind of light which is translucent and can distribute and change the light source. It includes all components that used to fix and protect LED light source, as well as the wires which used to connect the power. There are lots of brands of LED light. Savelights wants to remind you that we need to pay attention to the following precautions when consumers choose, use and maintain the LED light.

LED light

First, we need to have “three look” when we choose the LED light.

We need to looks that whether the product identification is complete. There should be the name of enterprise, the address, the trademark, the type, the specification, the rated voltage, the rated frequency and the rated power and so on. We also need to check whether the product number is equivalent with the certificated type and the electrical parameter is correct.

Besides, we need to observe whether there is a CCC safety certification mark on the wires. And the cross-sectional area of the outside wire should not be less than 0.75 mm2.

In addition, we need to observe that whether the electrical part of the light is out of the body. We can touch the electrical metal light head after installing the light base.

LED light

Second, we should check the mark carefully after we buying the light.

We should install and use the light after reading the instruction. If you find that the tube on the two sides is becoming red when you use the light, and the light tube is not bright, then we need to change the old tube in time refer to the parameters of light source.

LED light

We need to look over the instruction when we clean and maintain the LED light. We just need to remove the lampshade, clean the lamp chamber and change tube. We’d better not unload other components. We should install the light correctly after cleaning and maintaining the light.

Led Pendant Lighting

Modern Led Pendant Lighting

Led pendant lighting is composed of hardware ceiling plate, acrylic shade and led light souce. Wave shaped fixture has painting finish, smooth and solid. White ceiling plate suffers the pressure from fixture totally.

The advantage of floor lamp

Nowadays, many families like the floor lamp. Then, what are those advantages of floor lamp? Why more and more people like it? Today, let’s talk about the advantage of floor lamp.

First of all, the floor lamp can be removed flexibly. It is not like the chandelier or ceiling light which is usually installed on the ceiling firmly. The floor lamp can be removed easily if the wire is long enough. Then, you can put everywhere that you want. It is light that even kids can remove it freely. It is usually used for the bedroom or the living room.

floor lamp

Second, it is very convenient for people to maintain the floor lamp, especially for iron floor lamp. However, the rattan floor lamp is difficult to be maintained relatively. Think about those large lights, and I believe that many people are troubled with the problem of maintenance. It is time-consuming and laborious for people to unload the light, clean it and then install it again. However, the floor lamp has a simple structure, so we can clean it readily when we clean the house. If there is some problems, then you can solve the problem just with a screwdriver.

floor lamp

Finally, it can save electricity. For the aspect of energy saving, it is mainly determined by the light source. If you use the incandescent bulb, then it will not save much electricity. Compared with other lights, the light source of floor lamp is few. It usually takes advantage of the LED light source, so it can save more electricity than other lights. Those large lights will consume at least several hundreds watt at a time. The floor lamp consume at most decades watts because it just has one light source. The power consumption of floor lamp just takes up one tenth of large lights, so it is most suitable for the common family.

floor lamp

The above are the three advantages of floor lamp.

floor lamp

Shell Shade Floor Lamps

This Tiffany floor lamp has alloy base and wrought iron fixture with painting finish which is durable to hold the lamp.Can be used E27 screw base that is convenient for various lamps. pull switch.

The features of ceiling light

The ceiling light is a kind of home light for decoration. Many people like ceiling light, and so do I. I have installed the ceiling lights in the living room, bedroom and balcony and so on. I believe that many people are fond of ceiling light, not just only me. Many consumers will choose ceiling lights. Then, what is the special points of ceiling lights? Why so many people like ceiling lights?

ceiling light

I think that all people who like ceiling lights have the same reason. That is to say, apart from the beautiful appearance of ceiling lights, there are some other features of ceiling lights. For example, it is convenient for people to install or repair the ceiling light. It is easy to clean it. It is cost-effective and it can save energy and so on. Next, let’s make a brief analysis according to these aspects.

First, it is cost-efficiency and it is suitable for common customers. With the development od light industry, various ceiling lights have been produced such as crystal ceiling light, acrylic ceiling light, LED low ceiling light and so on. The common feature of these ceiling lights is the reasonable price. The price is suitable for all family and there are various types. So people can have enough choices to choose a satisfied ceiling light.

ceiling light

The second point is that it is convenient and easy for people to install and repair the ceiling light. In most situations, people have no need to ask the maintenance workers for help if there is something wrong on the ceiling light. You can repair the ceiling light by yourself. You just need to buy the bulb or tube in the shop and then change the old components by yourself. The structure of ceiling light is very simple, and there are electronic ballast and bulb. If there is a problem, then we need to change the bulb or tube first, because the light source of most ceiling lights is bulb or energy-saving tube. You can buy them in the hardware or light shop. With the popularity of LED light, more and more family choose the LED ceiling light. The service life of LED light is long, so we don’t need to change the light source frequently.

ceiling light

The third point is that the ceiling light and save electricity. The LED ceiling light in low voltage can save much electricity. That is the reason why the LED ceiling light in low voltage is becoming more and more popular. According to the above words, the light source of most ceiling lights is bulb or energy-saving tube and the power consumption is from a few watt to several decades watts. So it can save lots of electricity. It is close to the ceiling, so the lighting range is broad. Though the power consumption is small, it has no effect on the brightness and lightning range. The ceiling light which can save electricity and have a certain lighting range is most suitable for the common family.

ceiling light

Fancy 5-Light Ceiling Lights

Industrial ceiling light has fan shaped fixture and made of wrought iron material. Dimensions of fixture could be 6.2″ H *19.6″ D. Wrought iron fixture has painting finish, smooth and vivid. E27 screw base is suitable for various lamps.