How to install ceiling lights?

Led ceiling lights are the popular lighting fixtures nowadays, good functional characteristics are necessary for us, the character of led ceiling light is green and environmental, more energy-saving, led ceiling light is brighter at night, then it would harm our eyes, there is soft light and change multi lighting colors, it is good at the performance, then savelights would introduce you how to install the ceiling lights.

Ceiling Lighting

H ow to install led ceiling lights?

1. choose good position

Before installing ceiling lights, we had better make the installation position firstly, especially in the center of living room, dinning room and kitchen, then the light would be balanced, as for bedroom, we had better consider the influence for sleep, so the ceiling light had better not be installed above the bed. In addition to, we need to choose the wall or ceiling with masonry structure, we had better not choose wood wall space in avoid of falling down.

Ceiling Lighting

2. Tear down shade

Before tearing down shade of ceiling light, in general, there are rotate and bottom up two types, before you tearing down the fixture, in order not to ruin the ceiling light fixture, you can also tear down the light bulb, in order not to smash the fixture.

3. install ceiling plate

We can install base in the advanced position, then we can remark by pencial and take the base, drill the hole by tool, and fix the anchoring screw, we had better notice the diameter of borehole satisfied with screw, then take the base back to advanced position and fix it.

Ceiling Lighting

4. connect the wire

After fixing the base, then we can connect the wire to base totally, in addition to, the two wires connected to ceiling light, electrical contact should be better, at the same time, we had better wrap up by black tape and keep distance, at the same time, we had better not put two pcs of wires under same metal and avoid short circuit.

5. install shade and pendant decoration

After connecting the wire, we could turn on the switch, if it is ok, then we can cut down the power supply and install the shade. we also can install series of pendant decoration, since every pendant light decorations are different, so as to the related methods you can refer to the specifications. The pendant decorations can be remained, we can keeps it for future.

LED ceiling light range of application

1. It can be used for indoor and outdoor, at the same time, it can decorate our house.

2. Function of advertisement

3. Has antitheft, fireproof and making air clean function

Finally, savelights recommend that when you purchase LED ceiling lights, we had better choose big brand, then the quality can be ensured. The above could be the whole content about LED ceiling light, I think you would have some knowing about cceiling light, hope this passage could help you a little.

Ceiling Lighting

Simple Modern Ceiling Lights

Polished brass technology protest fixture shinny all the time and from rust. Hardware fixture and acrylic shade in white color can go with all decors for interiors decoration.

What we need to pay attention to if we choose the floor lamp in our home?

In this article, Savelights will share some precautions of using floor lamp with you.

First, the position of the floor lamp should be suitable. People usually put the floor lamp beside the sofa or rattan chair. For example, if you want to write something, then you can put the floor lamp on the left of your seat. Then, the light will come from the left and give you a bright space.

Second, the light bulb of the floor light should be in milky color, then the light will be soft and not dazzling.

Third, the edge of the lampshade should be on the same level of people’s eyes when people sit on the sofa. The angel should be able to protect people’s eyes, or people will feel dazzling if the light irradiate people’s eyes directly.

Fourth, the pole of floor lamp should be able to adjusted up and down, and the switch should be installed above the floor about 0.8 meters. Because this height is convenient for people to adjust the switch when they sit on the sofa or chair. The switch is used for people to have enough light when they sit to read or write. We need to make the screw tightly after we adjust the switch. When we adjust the switch from the high place to the low position, we need to put the inside wire well and we can not damage the wire.

Fifth, the wire of floor lamp is usually installed along the wall. A safe circuit is very important. We should not put the wire under the hard object which is often moved, or it will damage the wire and lead to electric shock accident. When we clean the floor, we need to put the wire well before we sprinkle the water or use the mop. We can never let the wire meet the water, or the electric shock accident will happen.

The precautions of buying European floor lamp:

Generally speaking, the floor lamp can be divided into up-lightning floor lamp and direct-lightning floor lamp. The up-lightning floor lamp irradiate the light to the ceiling and then diffuse the light to the floor evenly. This kind of indirect lightning is soft and has few stimulations on people’s eyes. And it can make people happy and relaxed in some way. This kind of light is common in the modern home.

First, when you choose the up-lightning floor lamp, you need to consider the height of ceiling. Take the floor lamp which its height is from 1.7 meters to 1.8 meters as an example, the height of the ceiling should be over 2.4 meters. Then, it will have a best effect. If the ceiling is too low, then the light will concentrate in the partial area, then the light will be too bright and not soft. In addition, if you choose the up-lightning floor lamp, then the color of the ceiling should be white or light. And the material of the ceiling should be able to reflect the light.

Second, the direct floor light is familiar with us, so it is not difficult for people to choose it. However, we need to pay attention that the edge of the lampshade should be lower than people’s eyes, then people will not feel uncomfortable. What’s more, if the light contrast is too large, then it will affect the endurance of your eyes. So we’d better choose the floor lamp which can adjust the light. When we use the floor lamp, we’d better not let mirror or glass goods beside of you because the concentrated direct light will reflect be reflected and give make people feel uncomfortable.

Third, you may as well to visit some light shop or the shop for home decoration when you choose the European floor lamp. You can look at the modeling floor lamp. It can be said that this kind of light is not used for lightning. It is can be regarded as the light carving. When we choose this kind of floor lamp, we need to keep it in accordance with the home style. For example, the noble and classic light which made of heavy stone material and patterned with blood flowers can not go well with the modern furniture in Yuppie style.

American Country Lamps Creative

Nautical floor lamps very suit for kids room which could decorate your room. It has resin material fixture which has carving fixture base. There is a blue fabric shade to prevent the bulb from scratch.

The ranking of European light brand. The noble and gorgeous European light

The European light is popular on the market. It is filled with retro feeling. If you want to choose the European light to decorate your home, then you need to know that what are the brands of European light? And what are the rankings of European brands? Next, I will introduce the ranking of European light simply.

European chandelier

The top 1 in European light ranking: AOZZO LIGHT

AOZZO light looks graceful, simple and unique. The material is superior and it is a kind of famous exported product. It combines the European funky elements and the Chinese traditional elements together, so the light looks more chic and brilliant.

The top 2 in European light ranking: LONDON LIGHT

The products of LONDON LIGHT is abundant and the price is reasonable. It is a kind of real cost-effective product. It is also a kind of reliable brand for online light. There are also many kinds of European chandelier. However, we still need to pay attention that we should choose the LONDON light carefully online to avoid buying the fault product.

The top 3 in European light ranking: HUA SENG LIGHT

HUA SNEG Light is a brilliant domestic brand. There are many specialty stores. And the price of HUA SENG light is more reasonable than other brands. The quality is accepted by many consumers.

The top 4 in European light ranking: FAWSON LIGHT

FAWSON light is the famous light brand of Zhongshan, and now its products have been exported to many foreign countries. There are many specialty stores all around the world. It ranks the top three in TaoBao light industry.

The top 5 in European light ranking: AI BANG LIGHT

The Zhangshan AI BANG light comes from the world light city, so it is a brand which contains the eastern and western backgrounds, Its European light is the main product for sale. AI BANG light wants to create a home feel for consumers which can not be copied., and give people a high-end life.

The top 6 in European light ranking: HUA YI LIGHT

HUA YI light is a brand of Zhongshan town, and it has a history of over twenty years. It insists on the routine of high-end quality and now it has become the famous brand all around the world.

The top 7 in European light ranking: KAI YUAN LIGHT

There are various kinds of products of KAI YUAN light, and every index has got the national professional certification. It is honored as the business model of honesty consistently in six years. The main products in European and simple style are very famous in the same profession.

European chandelier

The top 8 in European light ranking: QI LANG LIGHT

Zhongshan QI LANG light bloc consists of Italy and English company. Its European chandelier is filled with the local style. Its European light looks elegant, graceful and solemn. Its products are sold to over seventy countries and areas.

The top 9 in European light ranking: QIAN LI LIGHT

QIAN LI LIGHT is a brand which comes from Yangzhou. There are over six thousands products in its industry. Its products have got many national or international professional certifications. It is the real good product in high quality which monitored by the national technical supervision department.

The top 10 in European light ranking:XIN WEN HANG LIGHT

The XIN WEN HANG light comes from Fujian. It is a large industry of developing, producing and selling lights. It is the national inspection-free product and it is also a kind of famous Fujian brand. Its technology has reached to the standards of America or other many countries. Its European light looks very elegant and high-end.

European chandelier

In all, the introduction of European light brand ranking is finished. I hope that this article will be helpful for you. If you still have some questions, then you can pay attention to our website Savelights and we will answer for you as soon as possible.

European chandelier

Rustic 8-Light Vintage Chandelier

Vintage chandelier is composed of wrought iron fixture, E27 screw base and glass shade. Dimensions of fixture could be 19.6″ * 35.4″. Resin fixture has vintage pattern, adds vintage temperament to this fixture. Glass shade protects lamps totally, has high transmittance of light. E27 screw base is suitable for various lamps.