How many styles of table lamps?

Nowadays, many families use table lamps because it is small and it can be removed flexibly. It is easy to be cleaned, so it has become the necessary product in many families. Many parents choose the table lamp for their kids to read books and it can protect kid’s eyes. However, some people will be confused when they choose the table lamp. Which brand of table lamp is better? How about the price of the table lamp? Where is the group-buying of table lamp? They have many questions. Today, I will mainly introduce the style of table lamp for you.

First, the modern table lamp: it can be seen from the words “modern simple style” that it is modern and contemporary. It is popular in recent years, and it is favored by more and more consumers.

Second, the retro table lamp: this kind of table lamp is filled with classic and vintage feeling. Many Chinese families will choose the retro table lamp to match with the home decoration in Chinese style. The common materials are parchment and ceramics. The Jingde zhen ceramics is superior than any other ceramics no matter in craft or quality.

Third, the European table lamp: the European style has a high position in all kind of lights. So the European table lamp is also very popular. The European people has a high demand on all kinds of daily necessities. They pursue a enjoyable and luxury life. The European table lamp is usually made of cloth or crystal. The exquisite craft will show the luxury and noble temperament fully.

Fourth, the Chinese table lamp: the lamp in Chinese style is always simple. It keeps the style when making the table lamp. It is made of parchment, because most table lamps are used for bedroom. The simple shape and soft lighting can give people a quiet and peaceful feeling and it just show the feature of Chinese table lamp completely.

Fifth, the luxury table lamp: It can be seen from the name that the style of this kind of table lamp is luxury and noble. Its appearance is glamorous and attractive, so the price must be expensive because this kind of lamp is high-end.

Sixth, the contracted table lamp: the modern contracted table lamp is funky and simple and its structure and design are contracted, too. However, it doesn’t mean that it is simple. This kind of design is most suitable for table lamp and it is favored by more and more people.

Seventh, the funky table lamp: the funky table lamp combines the modern and contracted style together, so it can always keep the pace of times. The design and craft are both in funky style.

Resin Fixture For Bedroom

Nautical table lamp used natural resin material as its raw material. The bulb base could be E27 which cater to 3C certification. There is a simple button to control light.

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