What is the shape of common crystal chandelier?

Nowadays we can see the crystal chandelier in many families, it has luxury appearance with shine look, they are popular by many people, but for many people who want to purchase crystal chandelier, they all consider the shape of crystal. it is suitable with our furniture, at the same time what is the shape of common crystal chandelier? Today we will have a brief description about crystal chandelier.

Then we have following type for common crystal chandelier:

The first is round crystal chandelier: in most of crystal shapes, round chandelier would be the most common, at the same time, it would be used for living room, especially for ceiling light, round shaped would be the most common. In our life, common round would not be for crystal chandelier, all the family would use crystal chandelier, all the family would be with round shaped, in the lighting fixtures it would be different, maybe it leads to admore for sun, at the same time the lighting fixtures would be one of light souce, if you match with crystal it, it would bring our sun feeling.

crystal chandelier

The second one is square shaped crystal chandelier, square shaped crystal chandelier, it can be square shaped and rectangular shaped crystal chandelier. At the same time, it is common to use square shaped lighting fixtures. Rectangular shaped chandelier has symmetry like building. Square shaped crystal chandelier is great and designered like human, this crystal chandelier is very popular, square shaped crystal chandelier is suitable for glass and crystal material.

crystal chandelier

The third is special crystal chandelier, this chandelier is like without rules, in general it is creative crystal chandelier, otherwise it is equipped with art design, this is with art atmosphere, it can be designed into different crystal chandelier, this chandelier would be less of crystal chandelier, at this time this would be popular with many people, especially for this creative chandelier, it could be in one of creative lighting fixtures.

crystal chandelier

The above could be one of common crystal chandelier.

crystal chandelier

8-Light Crystal Chandelier

Modern crystal chandelier is composed of crystal pendant, fabric shade and wrought iron fixture. E14 screw base is suitable for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are all available. Wrought iron fixture has painting finish.

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