The classic Tiffany has been famous for hundred years due to the French exotic lighting

In some place of the north-east of America, there are many small lakes among the forests. When you drive pass by the place, you can see the shadow of the tree was reflected on the surface of the lake. It can give people a cheerful feeling. The scene of the dusk is more chic and amazing. There is a stone house beside the lake, and there is a window that has occupied the half area of the wall. It is confronted with the road beside the lake.

Tiffany Lamps

There is a stained-glass lamp which hung in the house. The colorful scene and the yellow lighting make the whole environment more graceful and charming. You will can’t help slowing down to enjoy the scene. Each people who is going to go home can feel the love and warm of the colorful light. They can feel that someone is waiting for them.

The stained-glass lamp really has the magical power. Its splendid design was born between the 19th and 20th century, which combined the ArtNouveau and ArtDeco style together.

Tiffany Lamps

Louis Comfort Tiffany is the leader of the New Art Movement. One of his artistic expertise is to design the stained-glass lamp. It can be used for the lampshade, door, window and other decorations. The authentic work is so hot that many auction company want to get it. Though the common available lights are still expensive, it is the copied work.

Many people don’t understand the New Art Movement, but they can speak out the name of Tiffany Lamp when they see this kind of stained-glass lamp. Some people will be curious about that whether there is an association between Tiffany and Tiffany&Co.

The answer is yes.

Tiffany Lamps

If we describe the the kids in rich family as ” born with gold spoon”, then, we can regard Louis Comfort Tiffany as the most cherished and beautiful one. Because his father is the founder of Tiffany&Co —- Charles Lewis Tiffany.

Tiffany Lamps

Three-light Ceiling Lights

Tiffany type ceiling lights could make the whole room full of elegance, E27 aperture could be convenient incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Whole light hold by hardware fixture flush mount install in the room.

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