What about the European crystal wall lamp?

This is a simple time, and the European crystal wall lamp can add a little reiki to the plain space. So young people prefer to the light in modern and simple style. Some people who pays attention to the taste and state will choose the crystal light in European style. The brilliant and luxury crystal light looks noble and luxury. The space which lightened by the crystal wall lamp can give people a relax, warm, romantic, simple and comfortable feeling. You can feel that the world is so excellent and pure.

European crystal wall lamp

The European crystal wall lamp is a kind of crystal light. At first, the crystal wall lamp is just used for the corridor, aisle, doorway and some other narrow spaces. Later, more and more people are fond of crystal light. They are enjoying the luxury material life. The former function of lighting and decoration has not been balanced any more. The decorative function has been the main part. The crystal wall lamp combines the natural crystal and quartz together. The crystal light is shiny and brilliant due to the purity, cut surface, and lead content of crystal.

How to install the European crystal wall lamp?

European crystal wall lamp

The European crystal wall lamp can bring home life a more warm and romantic beauty. However, we usually think that the beauty of the things has a close relationship with the position. Then, how to show the amazing charm of brilliant wall lamp? Next, Savelights will introduce the method of installing crystal wall lamp and make your life more convenient.

European crystal wall lamp

During the process of installing European crystal wall lamp, we need to determine the installation position firstly. The installation height of the wall lamp should over people’s visual horizon. The height is about 1.8 meters. Then, we can fix the lamp holder after determining the position. We can make a mark on the wall and then take the embedded or punching method to fix the stand by stuffing the expanded screw. Finally, we just need to connect the wire and everything will be finished. However, in the operation process, we need to pay attention to not hit the position of wires.

Do you know about the European crystal wall lamp? If there are still some questions during the installation process, you can look at the installation method on Savelights website again.

European crystal wall lamp

Blue Crystal Chrome Finish

2 Light Wall Sconce decorated by K9 blue crystal pendant which is shiny and firm. The fixture used chrome finish which is steady and resistance to rust. This kind of wall sconces used E14 bulb base.

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