The rendering of the living room light The picture of living room light

Nowadays, the lighting function is not the only one. The decoration function is more important. The unique light in the living room can make your home special. The light in the living room can

create an oriental, pastoral or exotic feelings. The decoration of living room is a big point of home furnishing. So wen can not look down upon or ignore it.

Ceiling Lights

The rendering of the light in the living room.

Chandelier Lighting

The iron candle living room light brings the natural feeling to the living room. It makes the living room in modern style look more funky and beautiful. The TV backdrop can go well with the color of the sofa perfectly. The whole space is filled with the feeling of time.

Chandelier Lighting

The funky and elegant crystal chandelier creates a clear and crystal effect. It is obvious in the living room in the modern Mediterranean style. When the lighting is refracted from the crystal light, the whole room is in the modern style.

Table Lamps

Most people like installing the table lamp on the head of the bed. The special appearance and the clever design makes the light look like a luxury decorative work. The lamp post combines the iron and glass material together, so it makes the whole living room look more funky and fashionable.

Chandelier Lighting

For modern people, this kind of ball light in the living room can give people a country and natural feeling. It is also exotic and unique and it can make people feel that they are in the Texas hunter’s house.

Chandelier Lighting

This kind of light makes the modern chandelier look more funky and elegant. It combines the cloth lampshade with the iron decoration, so it looks not cold any more. The room which filled with soft lighting through the lampshade looks warm and romantic.

Chandelier Lighting

6-Light Fabric Chandeliers

Drum lighting chandelier is composed of fabric shade, brass fixture and E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 22″ * 23.6″. Good quality fabric shade ha shand crafted, soft light with a deep sense of American style. E14 screw base is suitable for various lamps.

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