What are those skills of choosing the light for bedroom?

The bedroom is mainly for people to have a rest or sleep. Sometimes, it can also be regarded as the place for working or chatting. The light of bedroom includes the common lighting and partial lightning. The strong lighting for whole space is not suitable for the bedroom. The wall lamp with partial lighting and floor lamp can satisfy the demands of bedroom. The lampshade of wall lamp should be made of diffusion material with weak brightness. We can install the small night light or footlight in low place, or people will be dazzled with the strong lighting at night.

Bedroom lighting

The choice of bedroom light.

Bedroom lighting

The general lighting for bedroom should be peaceful, warm, elegant, soft and comfortable. It is unsuitable to install those colorful and shiny light in bedroom. Different people will have different standards and views on the comfortable and warm environment according to the age, culture and hobby of different people. They also have different demands on the lighting style of bedroom light. However, the light should be able to brighten the room.

We need to take the appliances of the bedroom into consideration when we choose the bedroom light.

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First, the lighting for writing desk. If the illuminance value is over 300LX, then we usually choose the writing light.

Second, the lighting for reading. Many people like reading newspapers lying on the edge of the bed before sleeping, so we need to install the table lamp or wall lamp. The feature of the table lamp is that it is flexible and movable and it is a kind of artistic work and can give people a beautiful feeling. The lighting turns to be the dynamic and graceful lines through the lampshade. The advantage of wall lamp is that it can reflect the light through the wall and the lighting will be softer.

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Third, the lighting for dressing. The illuminance value should be over 300LX. People usually choose the warm and soft light for dressing, and the light source should be incandescent light or tri chromatic fluorescent light. The light should be installed on the mirror, but out of people’s eyesight in solid angel of 60 degree. Or people will feel dazzled.

Fourth, we usually choose the floor lamp for people reading on the sofa. What we need to pay more attention is that the light for kids room should be with certain height and let kids can not touch the light source directly, because the light source is hot and there is electricity in it. And we should not install the table lamp or other movable lamp in kids room.

In conclusion, the choice of the bedroom light should keep in pace with the time according to the development of variety and personality of the interior furnishing in bedroom. The common ceiling light in bedroom is far away the pure white color gradually. The lights which in bright color and decorated with gold or silver edge and so on are becoming more and more popular and can make the room more graceful.

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