How to install ceiling lights?

Led ceiling lights are the popular lighting fixtures nowadays, good functional characteristics are necessary for us, the character of led ceiling light is green and environmental, more energy-saving, led ceiling light is brighter at night, then it would harm our eyes, there is soft light and change multi lighting colors, it is good at the performance, then savelights would introduce you how to install the ceiling lights.

Ceiling Lighting

H ow to install led ceiling lights?

1. choose good position

Before installing ceiling lights, we had better make the installation position firstly, especially in the center of living room, dinning room and kitchen, then the light would be balanced, as for bedroom, we had better consider the influence for sleep, so the ceiling light had better not be installed above the bed. In addition to, we need to choose the wall or ceiling with masonry structure, we had better not choose wood wall space in avoid of falling down.

Ceiling Lighting

2. Tear down shade

Before tearing down shade of ceiling light, in general, there are rotate and bottom up two types, before you tearing down the fixture, in order not to ruin the ceiling light fixture, you can also tear down the light bulb, in order not to smash the fixture.

3. install ceiling plate

We can install base in the advanced position, then we can remark by pencial and take the base, drill the hole by tool, and fix the anchoring screw, we had better notice the diameter of borehole satisfied with screw, then take the base back to advanced position and fix it.

Ceiling Lighting

4. connect the wire

After fixing the base, then we can connect the wire to base totally, in addition to, the two wires connected to ceiling light, electrical contact should be better, at the same time, we had better wrap up by black tape and keep distance, at the same time, we had better not put two pcs of wires under same metal and avoid short circuit.

5. install shade and pendant decoration

After connecting the wire, we could turn on the switch, if it is ok, then we can cut down the power supply and install the shade. we also can install series of pendant decoration, since every pendant light decorations are different, so as to the related methods you can refer to the specifications. The pendant decorations can be remained, we can keeps it for future.

LED ceiling light range of application

1. It can be used for indoor and outdoor, at the same time, it can decorate our house.

2. Function of advertisement

3. Has antitheft, fireproof and making air clean function

Finally, savelights recommend that when you purchase LED ceiling lights, we had better choose big brand, then the quality can be ensured. The above could be the whole content about LED ceiling light, I think you would have some knowing about cceiling light, hope this passage could help you a little.

Ceiling Lighting

Simple Modern Ceiling Lights

Polished brass technology protest fixture shinny all the time and from rust. Hardware fixture and acrylic shade in white color can go with all decors for interiors decoration.

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