How many styles of table lamps?

Nowadays, many families use table lamps because it is small and it can be removed flexibly. It is easy to be cleaned, so it has become the necessary product in many families. Many parents choose the table lamp for their kids to read books and it can protect kid’s eyes. However, some people will be confused when they choose the table lamp. Which brand of table lamp is better? How about the price of the table lamp? Where is the group-buying of table lamp? They have many questions. Today, I will mainly introduce the style of table lamp for you.

First, the modern table lamp: it can be seen from the words “modern simple style” that it is modern and contemporary. It is popular in recent years, and it is favored by more and more consumers.

Second, the retro table lamp: this kind of table lamp is filled with classic and vintage feeling. Many Chinese families will choose the retro table lamp to match with the home decoration in Chinese style. The common materials are parchment and ceramics. The Jingde zhen ceramics is superior than any other ceramics no matter in craft or quality.

Third, the European table lamp: the European style has a high position in all kind of lights. So the European table lamp is also very popular. The European people has a high demand on all kinds of daily necessities. They pursue a enjoyable and luxury life. The European table lamp is usually made of cloth or crystal. The exquisite craft will show the luxury and noble temperament fully.

Fourth, the Chinese table lamp: the lamp in Chinese style is always simple. It keeps the style when making the table lamp. It is made of parchment, because most table lamps are used for bedroom. The simple shape and soft lighting can give people a quiet and peaceful feeling and it just show the feature of Chinese table lamp completely.

Fifth, the luxury table lamp: It can be seen from the name that the style of this kind of table lamp is luxury and noble. Its appearance is glamorous and attractive, so the price must be expensive because this kind of lamp is high-end.

Sixth, the contracted table lamp: the modern contracted table lamp is funky and simple and its structure and design are contracted, too. However, it doesn’t mean that it is simple. This kind of design is most suitable for table lamp and it is favored by more and more people.

Seventh, the funky table lamp: the funky table lamp combines the modern and contracted style together, so it can always keep the pace of times. The design and craft are both in funky style.

Resin Fixture For Bedroom

Nautical table lamp used natural resin material as its raw material. The bulb base could be E27 which cater to 3C certification. There is a simple button to control light.

What is the shape of common crystal chandelier?

Nowadays we can see the crystal chandelier in many families, it has luxury appearance with shine look, they are popular by many people, but for many people who want to purchase crystal chandelier, they all consider the shape of crystal. it is suitable with our furniture, at the same time what is the shape of common crystal chandelier? Today we will have a brief description about crystal chandelier.

Then we have following type for common crystal chandelier:

The first is round crystal chandelier: in most of crystal shapes, round chandelier would be the most common, at the same time, it would be used for living room, especially for ceiling light, round shaped would be the most common. In our life, common round would not be for crystal chandelier, all the family would use crystal chandelier, all the family would be with round shaped, in the lighting fixtures it would be different, maybe it leads to admore for sun, at the same time the lighting fixtures would be one of light souce, if you match with crystal it, it would bring our sun feeling.

crystal chandelier

The second one is square shaped crystal chandelier, square shaped crystal chandelier, it can be square shaped and rectangular shaped crystal chandelier. At the same time, it is common to use square shaped lighting fixtures. Rectangular shaped chandelier has symmetry like building. Square shaped crystal chandelier is great and designered like human, this crystal chandelier is very popular, square shaped crystal chandelier is suitable for glass and crystal material.

crystal chandelier

The third is special crystal chandelier, this chandelier is like without rules, in general it is creative crystal chandelier, otherwise it is equipped with art design, this is with art atmosphere, it can be designed into different crystal chandelier, this chandelier would be less of crystal chandelier, at this time this would be popular with many people, especially for this creative chandelier, it could be in one of creative lighting fixtures.

crystal chandelier

The above could be one of common crystal chandelier.

crystal chandelier

8-Light Crystal Chandelier

Modern crystal chandelier is composed of crystal pendant, fabric shade and wrought iron fixture. E14 screw base is suitable for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are all available. Wrought iron fixture has painting finish.

What are those features of European chandelier?

We all know about chandelier, but we are unfamiliar with European chandelier. Actually, the type and style of chandelier is various, and the most representative one is European chandelier, such as the European candle chandelier. Today, lets’ talk about the feature of European chandelier.

European chandelier

The European chandelier was the used for noble family. Now, with the improvement of people’s life, more and more common family choose the European chandelier to brighten the home. Why so many people like this kind of European chandelier? The famous European chandelier is the European candle chandelier. It is in the European classical style. The design inspiration comes from the lighting way of the ancient people. At that time, people always put several candles on the hanging irony stent. Nowadays, many chandeliers have been designed in this style, and it just uses the bulb to replace the candle. The bulb is still in the shape of candle and the base is still in the same shape with the candlestick. Its noble temperament and glamorous appearance and so on are attracting more and more people. Here are the main features of European chandelier:

First of all, the European chandelier has a royal noble temperament. European light, is the synonym of luxury and graceful temperament. It comes from the European classical art and it imitate the ancient European royal effect. The charm of the European classical style is its unique traces of years. Its graceful and forever temperature represent a kind of superior life taste of the master. The gorgeous decoration, strong color, exquisite shape of European light can create a luxury, noble, and glamorous effect of European palace. The European light pays much attention to the lines, shape and the carving. Whether you feel that the level of your home has been improved a lot after installing the European light? Sometimes, the light can have a large charm, just like the European chandelier, its unique style can show its noble temperament effectively. The candle shape and the shiny crystal can improve the temperament greatly.

European chandelier

Besides, we all know that the European chandelier has a gorgeous appearance. The European chandelier usually takes advantage of the glass elbow to be the lighthouse, and crystal balls or glass bottles to be the components. The whole light mainly consists of this two materials. The crystal light is more popular, the shiny crystal can show its gorgeous appearance. The reflected lighting make the whole light look more amazing and brilliant. So, the European chandelier is elegant, noble and luxury, and it can create a honorable environment in your home.

European chandelier

Finally, the craft od the European chandelier is very exquisite. Compared with other common chandeliers, the European chandelier has a more exquisite craft relatively. That is the reason why it is expensive than other common lights. For example, the irony light is mostly made by hands. Its production process is strict, so there is no product in poor quality. The quality is guaranteed.

European chandelier

Designed Resin For Home

White chandelier has brids as decoration which was made of resin material. There are three shades to protect the bulb from damage which could make the light soft and mild. There is a sling chain for holding the fixture.

Tiffany lighting fixtures

Tiffany lighting fixtures are necessary decoration of modern furniture, Tiffany lamp would be one of lighting fixtures, it is equipped with traditional color, at the same time it is equipped with classic atmosphere, it is one of elf of colorful lighting world. Nowadays Tiffany lighting fixture could be common decoration. Next we will get knowing of Tiffany lighting fixture.

Tiffany Lamps

1. Tiffany brief introduction

Tiffany lamp is the pronoun of classic and elegance, this work is from American srtist Mr Tiffany.

Tiffany Lamps

Tiffant lighting fixtures could be made of professional stained glass material, at the same time we have to made according to lighting abrasive tool, since stained glass ia made of special material, at the same time the lighting color would not be faded, because of special material, the lighting color would be soft and romantic for Tiffany lighting fixtures, that could create the special atmosphere.

Tiffany Lamps

2. Tiffany character of lighting fixtures

If you choose the high end stained glass material, it is made of handmade material, at the same time, it is fragile and handle with care.

Tiffany lighting fixture is with strong art design and stylish, it has high requirements for home decoration, it is suitable for traditional style and old style.

Tiffany lighting fixtures would be very old, and looks simple and dim, but if you connect the light source, then it would create the unique effect through glass.

Tiffany lighting fixtures would be without complex mind, you can only use cloth to wipe the dust out.

Tiffany Lamps

9-Light Stained Chandeliers

Tiffany style chandelier is composed of wrought iron fixture, E27 screw base and stained glass shade. Dimensions of fixture could be 23.6″ * 39.3″. E27 screw base is suitable for various lamps. Baroque style pattern decorates shade vivid and vintage.

Appreciation of crystal wall sconces

Many decoration like to install wall sconce at your home, this wall sconce would not only improve house lighting temperature, but also improve stylish of decoration, it could make the house more beautiful.

crystal wall sconces

1: Gray crystal wall sconce, decorated with peacock and white flower, it looks simple and bright without any embelished, it is so beautiful.

crystal wall sconces

2: Accompany with aperture under the colorful pendant light, this whole light would be beautiful and free, we can use it in living room.

crystal wall sconces

3: European simple style wall sconce would bring the whole tide to the scene, we could use the color of wall paper to decorate the wall sconce.

crystal wall sconces

4: Crystal wall sconce is luxury and gorgeous, that would keep the whole wall transparent and bright, that let us look amazing.

crystal wall sconces

5: Like the old book design, the whole wall would be dim with romantic atmosphere.

crystal wall sconces

6: Just like balloon on the wall, we can use our favouriate color to design the whole room, that keeps the whole room full of strong temperament.

crystal wall sconces

Maybe crystal wall sconce is not the best, this can reflect gorgeous and luxury, during decoration period, hope the wall sconcce we recommended for you, you can like it!

crystal wall sconces

Vintage Lion Lighting

Rustic wall sconce lighting has lion fixture which was made of resin material. The dimension could be 14.5*14 inch. There is a glass shade to protect the bulb from damage which could make the light soft and mild.

What is the principle of LED energy saving lamp? What is the feature of energy saving lamp?

The LED energy saving lamp has large energy saving function. Besides, it can make people feel more comfortable. That is why more and more people choose the energy saving lamp. Form the history of lighting, LED energy saving lamp has developed for several decades years. Most consumers know about the LED energy saving lamp. There are many applications of LED energy saving lamp.

The LED energy saving lamp can give our life a lot of help. On the one hand, it can help us save energy, that is to say, we may pay less electrical cost. On the other hand, the comfort performance is good. LED energy saving lamp can emit various lightings in different colors. It can satisfy people’s physical demand. The soft lighting will not be harmful for people’s eyes. However, many people have no idea of the working principle of LED energy saving lamp. Today, I will introduce the principle of LED energy saving lamp.

energy saving lamp

First, the composition of LED energy saving lamp.

The LED energy saving lamp consists of light base, glass tube and wick. The base is made of insulated material, it has a strong ability of insulation and anti-corrosion. The glass tube mainly takes advantage of the transparent insulated glass. Some glass tubes will be painted phosphor. The wick is the key point of LED energy saving lamp. The factory usually takes advantage of the semiconductor light emitting diodes, because it can transfer the power to light energy directly. The light intensity of LED energy saving lamp is 10 times of the common incandescent light. Therefore, the Led energy saving lamp can save energy well.

energy saving lamp

Second, the principle of LED energy saving lamp.

The LED energy saving lamp can work mainly depend on the semiconductor. The semiconductor light emitting diodes consists of P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor. When we electrify the two semiconductors, there will circuit in the P-N connection and the power is mainly gathered in the range of P-type semiconductor. It complex with the cavity, so it can emit heat and lighting in the form of photon. Besides, because the color of different wavelength is various, so the LED energy saving lamp with P-type or N-type material will be able to emit different lightings in different colors.

energy saving lamp

Third, the feature of LED energy saving lamp.

The energy saving function of LED energy saving light is strong and the light intensity is 10 times of the common incandescent light. Besides, there are many kinds of colors of LED energy saving lamp, and these colors can make people feel comfortable, especially when someone is having a good rest. The lighting of LED lamp is mush softer than the common incandescent light, so it will not be harmful for people’s eyes.

No matter form the aspect of comfort or environmental protection, the LED energy saving lamp must be people’s first choice when they choose the light. What’s more, there are lots of colors of LED energy saving lamp, so it can create a warm and peaceful environment that no common incandescent light can reach to. Here are all information of LED energy saving lamp and I hope that you can have a new knowledge of LED energy saving lamp.

Ceiling Lighting

Modern Chic LED Ceiling

Polished brass metal fixture sturdy hold the light. Flush mount ceiling lights consist metal fixture and acrylic shade. LED integrated provide both day white and warm white light source.

The classic Tiffany has been famous for hundred years due to the French exotic lighting

In some place of the north-east of America, there are many small lakes among the forests. When you drive pass by the place, you can see the shadow of the tree was reflected on the surface of the lake. It can give people a cheerful feeling. The scene of the dusk is more chic and amazing. There is a stone house beside the lake, and there is a window that has occupied the half area of the wall. It is confronted with the road beside the lake.

Tiffany Lamps

There is a stained-glass lamp which hung in the house. The colorful scene and the yellow lighting make the whole environment more graceful and charming. You will can’t help slowing down to enjoy the scene. Each people who is going to go home can feel the love and warm of the colorful light. They can feel that someone is waiting for them.

The stained-glass lamp really has the magical power. Its splendid design was born between the 19th and 20th century, which combined the ArtNouveau and ArtDeco style together.

Tiffany Lamps

Louis Comfort Tiffany is the leader of the New Art Movement. One of his artistic expertise is to design the stained-glass lamp. It can be used for the lampshade, door, window and other decorations. The authentic work is so hot that many auction company want to get it. Though the common available lights are still expensive, it is the copied work.

Many people don’t understand the New Art Movement, but they can speak out the name of Tiffany Lamp when they see this kind of stained-glass lamp. Some people will be curious about that whether there is an association between Tiffany and Tiffany&Co.

The answer is yes.

Tiffany Lamps

If we describe the the kids in rich family as ” born with gold spoon”, then, we can regard Louis Comfort Tiffany as the most cherished and beautiful one. Because his father is the founder of Tiffany&Co —- Charles Lewis Tiffany.

Tiffany Lamps

Three-light Ceiling Lights

Tiffany type ceiling lights could make the whole room full of elegance, E27 aperture could be convenient incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Whole light hold by hardware fixture flush mount install in the room.

The appreciation of European living room chandelier rendering

There are sofa and TV and some other large equipments in the living room. The design of living room chandelier is also very important. The chandelier can add the funky feeling of home. The following rendering is about European living room chandelier.

Chandelier Lighting

The design of European living room is various. The whole furniture and equipment are in European style, and the small equipments are also in European style. Then, what are those renderings of European living room chandelier? Let’s have a look at.

Chandelier Lighting

First, the chandelier of European living room is mainly used to satisfy most European lovers. The chandelier can make the living room more natural, pure and country.

Chandelier Lighting

Second, the ceiling is in round shape. And the chandelier is made of lots of little bulbs. The European wallpaper, sofa and chandelier create a better European feeling.

Chandelier Lighting

Third, the black lamp cap and the white design of chandelier can go well with the style of round tea table. The whole decoration is in white color, so it can make the European pastoral style more obvious.

Chandelier Lighting

Fourth: the crystal chandelier and the red furniture and create a strong American feeling. The black tea table makes the whole night look more beautiful.

Chandelier Lighting

Fifth, the crystal chandelier is in the candle shape. And the size of the sofa is different but looks neat. So the whole living room looks warm and natural.

The European chandelier can improve the effect which brought by the furniture and it can create a strong funky feeling. All above are renderings of European living room chandelier, and I hope you will like it.

Ceiling Lighting

Decorative Chandelier 8-Light

Rustic iron chandelier has wrought iron fixture which could resistance to rust and corrosion. It also used glass material as its shades which could make the light soft and mild.

What about the European crystal wall lamp?

This is a simple time, and the European crystal wall lamp can add a little reiki to the plain space. So young people prefer to the light in modern and simple style. Some people who pays attention to the taste and state will choose the crystal light in European style. The brilliant and luxury crystal light looks noble and luxury. The space which lightened by the crystal wall lamp can give people a relax, warm, romantic, simple and comfortable feeling. You can feel that the world is so excellent and pure.

European crystal wall lamp

The European crystal wall lamp is a kind of crystal light. At first, the crystal wall lamp is just used for the corridor, aisle, doorway and some other narrow spaces. Later, more and more people are fond of crystal light. They are enjoying the luxury material life. The former function of lighting and decoration has not been balanced any more. The decorative function has been the main part. The crystal wall lamp combines the natural crystal and quartz together. The crystal light is shiny and brilliant due to the purity, cut surface, and lead content of crystal.

How to install the European crystal wall lamp?

European crystal wall lamp

The European crystal wall lamp can bring home life a more warm and romantic beauty. However, we usually think that the beauty of the things has a close relationship with the position. Then, how to show the amazing charm of brilliant wall lamp? Next, Savelights will introduce the method of installing crystal wall lamp and make your life more convenient.

European crystal wall lamp

During the process of installing European crystal wall lamp, we need to determine the installation position firstly. The installation height of the wall lamp should over people’s visual horizon. The height is about 1.8 meters. Then, we can fix the lamp holder after determining the position. We can make a mark on the wall and then take the embedded or punching method to fix the stand by stuffing the expanded screw. Finally, we just need to connect the wire and everything will be finished. However, in the operation process, we need to pay attention to not hit the position of wires.

Do you know about the European crystal wall lamp? If there are still some questions during the installation process, you can look at the installation method on Savelights website again.

European crystal wall lamp

Blue Crystal Chrome Finish

2 Light Wall Sconce decorated by K9 blue crystal pendant which is shiny and firm. The fixture used chrome finish which is steady and resistance to rust. This kind of wall sconces used E14 bulb base.

What is the standard of wall lamp’s height?

The wall lamp is necessary in our home decoration in this modern society. However, most people have no idea about the standard of the height. Now, Savelights will help you to solve the problem.

The height of bedroom wall lamp

Wall Sconce

In general situation, the height of the wall lamp should be taller than people’s visual horizon. The distance between the floor and wall lamp can be 1.8 meters. It can never be lower than 1.8 meters, and strictly speaking, the height of between the bulb and floor can not be lower than 1.8 meters. Or it can not be called wall lamp and it can’t play the role of wall lamp.

The height of living room wall lamp

Wall Sconce

The height of the bedroom wall lamp can lower than the height of living room wall lamp. It can be from 1.4 meters to 1.7 meters. If there is a little baby in your family, then you need to install the wall lamp in the range that kids can not reach it. Or it will be dangerous for kids.

The protruding distance between the wall lamp and the wall

Wall Sconce

The problem of the height of wall lamp has been solved, then bo you know what’s the suitable distance between the wall and wall lamp? The suitable distance is in the range from 9 centimeters to 40 centimeters. However, you don’t need to pay much attention to this point, because you also need to choose the type of wall lamp.

After you have solved the problem of height, the brightness of wall lamp can not be too strong. Then, it will look more artistic. The color of the lampshade should be depended on the color of the wall. We should choose the lime green or light blue lampshade to match with the white or beige wall. And the cream, light yellow or brown lampshade is suitable for the aqua or blue wall. In this way, if we choose a kind of obvious wall lamp to decorate the wall in the same color of large area can give people a fresh, clear and graceful feeling.

If you are going to install the wall lamp, then you can refer to the standard which has been given in the above information. Finally, I wish that you could finish the decoration smoothly and live in your satisfied home soon.

Wall Sconce

Antique Wall Iron Material

Antique wall sconce has single light for lighting which should cater to E27 bulb base. It used wrought iron material as its fixture which is solid and durable. The shade could be glass material which has good transmission of light.