About decoration of wall lights

Society is growing, so is the house decorating, that is becoming more and more taste. Decoration of family wall sconce adds nordic temperament to house decoration. What about wall sconces? Now we will introduce you some decorations about wall lights.

1. Quality of lamp shade

When you purchase wall sconces, we had better check the quality of light itself. Shade is made of glass material, at the same time, fixture is made of metal material. Transparent of light decides the shade, at the same time, surface pattern had better be harmony with whole style. Metal’s good anti-oxidation and bright color are important index of quality.

2. Bright color of wall light

In general, soft light is best, degrees are below 60W. In addition to that we had better choose various wall light, such as that if you have small house, then you can use single light wall light, if you have big house you can use two-light wall light, if you have big house, you also can choose thick wall light, otherwise, we can choose thin wall light. In addition to, we had better choose wall light protected by bulb, that could burn wall paper to avoid danger.

3. Style of wall lights are harmony with occasions, if you choose big house, then we can install 2-light wall sconce, if you choose small house, you can also install single wall light.

4. Color of wall light is harmony with wall light.

5. Thickenss of wall light is harmony with installation site.

6. Light source power is harmony with desition.

7. Hieght of wall light is a little higher than head.

Next we will indtroduce one pc of wall light from savelights

Mermaid Fixture Wall Sconces

Stained glass classic Tiffany wall sconces come with only one E27 aperture which can be used incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Downlight wall sconces hold by mermaid fixture.

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