LED ceiling light

LED ceiling light is high end modern ceiling light, it has soft light and has wide lighting area, it is normally used for market, hotel and counter decoration. Next we are going to get known of this boutique ceiling light to know its related information.

LED ceiling light

Since it has long life for ceiling light, in normal circumstances, it can reaches to 50000H, almost like 50 pcs of incandescent lights. We always use high-power LED light as light source, it is energy-saving, efficient, environmental and etc.

LED ceiling light

We always can see the lights in auto and jewelry display, high end costume, professional window and counter, then we can see figure of ceiling light, comparing with ceiling light, it gives priority to with it, has wide lighting area.

ceiling light

Ceiling light is called ceiling light, since it is flushed mounted type, it has different installation type, has different effect. If you install bracket or track to use it as project lamp or spotlight, we also can choose pendant light or tightwire.

How to use pendant light to lengthen the life, LED light has its own environment, then we can purchase it from -30 degrees to 50 degrees, in addition to purchase pendant lights, we need to notice the radiator and driver, we can not only consider the price.

ceiling light

Delicate Floral eiling Lighting

High ceiling lighting has a blue color shade to protect the bulb which used glass material. It also has floral and brids patterns on the surface. It very suits for bedroom, living room etc.

Tiffany is more than jewelry

When we talk about Tiffany, we must think of the queen of jewelry. Another scene is that the famous Hepburn in black evening dress wears the precious necklace. Maybe in all women’s mental world, Tiffany is the symbol of love and beauty, the romance and dream. However, our website Savelights don’t like the luxury jewelry, and it just inherit the Tiffany Lamp in original style of the famous artist —- Louis.

Tiffany Lamps
The lampshade is made of high-end colorful glass. It is different from most common glass. Its surface of the floor lamp is not smooth and most shade is decorated with floral pattern. It is produced by hand. It is colorful and the craft is exquisite. The lightning is soft and warm.

Tiffany Lamps

The people who like the lamp on Savelights need to pay attention that this kind of lamp in artistic feeling has a high demand on the home furnishing. It is only suitable for the home furnishing in Chinese, western or retro style. If we choose the lamp to decorate the simple and modern room, then it looks very strange. With the development of times, Tiffany Lamp has more surprising styles, but not only in the traditional style. Let’s have a look!

Tiffany Lamps

Have you attracted by Tiffany Lamp? Whether you want to renovate your home? I believe that no one can resist the splendid beauty.

Next, I will introduce the Tiffany lamp in our website—-Savelights.

Tiffany Lamps

Unique Decorative Tiffany Lampss
This lamp is filled with strong artistic feeling. It has a good design and it combines the exquisite modern craft with the classic temperature together. So, it creates a graceful and retro feeling for our modern life.

The choice of bedroom light

The bedroom is the place where people can have a good rest after a whole day’s tired work. So the light in the bedroom can not only give people soft light, but also can relieve a whole day’s intensive life stress. So the light should be soft to reduce the unnecessary stimulation. Generally speaking, the lightning in the bedroom can be divided into common lightning, partial lightning, and decoration lightning.

The common lightning is used for the living room, and the partial lightning is used for dressing, reading,collection and so on. The decoration lightning is mainly for create a special space and environment for bedroom, such as the romantic or warm environment and so on. The common lightning for the bedroom should not be too strong or too white, because this kind of lightning is too hard and people can not feel the energetic feeling in the bedroom. We’d better choose the warm light for the bedroom, then the bedroom will give people a warm and comfortable feeling. We can also change the brightness according to controlling the light with two or three stalls.

Apart from the common lightning, the partial lightning is also necessary for the bedroom. For example, we can install a bedside lamp, then it is convenient for people to work or read or turn off the light to have a good sleep. The lightning for reading should be soft and suitable, because the strong or weak light will affect people’s vision. The partial lightning for dressing table or wardrobe should not be too bright or too dim, or it will have a bad influence on makeup. The best method is to install the light on the two sides of the dressing table, and it will reduce the shadow on your face. So it is convenient for people to make up. The lightning should close to the natural lightning as much as possible. Thus, the lightning in the bedroom must be soft.

We can never use the red lightning in the bedroom. However, the bedroom is different from the outside environment, so it is unsuitable to choose the red light or flashing light to decorate the bedroom, or people will get a fretful feeling. The lightning for the bedroom should on the base of the warm yellow color. The common lightning should be soft, warm and adjustable. If you choose the ceiling light, then you must choose the light which can reflect the warm color.

Next, let me introduce the Floor Lamps on our Savelights website.

Creative Animal For Kids Room

The kids room floor lamps has fabric material shade for covering the bulb. And also used fabric material as its fixture which suit for kids. The screw base could be E27. There is soft iron inside the tail, so it can be adjusted in different style.

About decoration of wall lights

Society is growing, so is the house decorating, that is becoming more and more taste. Decoration of family wall sconce adds nordic temperament to house decoration. What about wall sconces? Now we will introduce you some decorations about wall lights.

1. Quality of lamp shade

When you purchase wall sconces, we had better check the quality of light itself. Shade is made of glass material, at the same time, fixture is made of metal material. Transparent of light decides the shade, at the same time, surface pattern had better be harmony with whole style. Metal’s good anti-oxidation and bright color are important index of quality.

2. Bright color of wall light

In general, soft light is best, degrees are below 60W. In addition to that we had better choose various wall light, such as that if you have small house, then you can use single light wall light, if you have big house you can use two-light wall light, if you have big house, you also can choose thick wall light, otherwise, we can choose thin wall light. In addition to, we had better choose wall light protected by bulb, that could burn wall paper to avoid danger.

3. Style of wall lights are harmony with occasions, if you choose big house, then we can install 2-light wall sconce, if you choose small house, you can also install single wall light.

4. Color of wall light is harmony with wall light.

5. Thickenss of wall light is harmony with installation site.

6. Light source power is harmony with desition.

7. Hieght of wall light is a little higher than head.

Next we will indtroduce one pc of wall light from savelights

Mermaid Fixture Wall Sconces

Stained glass classic Tiffany wall sconces come with only one E27 aperture which can be used incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Downlight wall sconces hold by mermaid fixture.

Following pics are all amazing lights, how creative the ideas are

Are you still worried about which kind of lights you can choose when you decorate your house? Are you interested in those lights which have creative designs?

Can you find that it is a light but not an egg? It will definitely make you feel hungrey as soon as you see it, so cute!

Harp design light is elegant, so it can improve the level of the whole room.

Interesting lights can be seen everywhere and in any form, this beautiful wineglass can enhance the flavour of your life.

For those basketball lover, this kind of wall lights can’t be more suitable for their bedroom.

If you want to prepare some lights for kids room, these can be good choice. These lovely chickens will certainly be popular.

This kind of light has soft light and non dazzling, it is creative, so you can put them everywhere you want.

It seems to be a giraffe which is pulled by a kite. In fact, it is an elephant who has a long nose, it is so cute.

Cute Cartoon Blue Elephant Fabric Kids Floor Lamps

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