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What is the principle of LED energy saving lamp? What is the feature of energy saving lamp?

The LED energy saving lamp has large energy saving function. Besides, it can make people feel more comfortable. That is why more and more people choose the energy saving lamp. Form the history of lighting, LED energy saving lamp has developed for several decades years. Most consumers know about the LED energy saving lamp. There are many applications of LED energy saving lamp.

The LED energy saving lamp can give our life a lot of help. On the one hand, it can help us save energy, that is to say, we may pay less electrical cost. On the other hand, the comfort performance is good. LED energy saving lamp can emit various lightings in different colors. It can satisfy people’s physical demand. The soft lighting will not be harmful for people’s eyes. However, many people have no idea of the working principle of LED energy saving lamp. Today, I will introduce the principle of LED energy saving lamp.

First, the composition of LED energy saving lamp.

The LED energy saving lamp consists of light base, glass tube and wick. The base is made of insulated material, it has a strong ability of insulation and anti-corrosion. The glass tube mainly takes advantage of the transparent insulated glass. Some glass tubes will be painted phosphor. The wick is the key point of LED energy saving lamp. The factory usually takes advantage of the semiconductor light emitting diodes, because it can transfer the power to light energy directly. The light intensity of LED energy saving lamp is 10 times of the common incandescent light. Therefore, the Led energy saving lamp can save energy well.

Second, the principle of LED energy saving lamp.

The LED energy saving lamp can work mainly depend on the semiconductor. The semiconductor light emitting diodes consists of P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor. When we electrify the two semiconductors, there will circuit in the P-N connection and the power is mainly gathered in the range of P-type semiconductor. It complex with the cavity, so it can emit heat and lighting in the form of photon. Besides, because the color of different wavelength is various, so the LED energy saving lamp with P-type or N-type material will be able to emit different lightings in different colors.

Third, the feature of LED energy saving lamp.

The energy saving function of LED energy saving light is strong and the light intensity is 10 times of the common incandescent light. Besides, there are many kinds of colors of LED energy saving lamp, and these colors can make people feel comfortable, especially when someone is having a good rest. The lighting of LED lamp is mush softer than the common incandescent light, so it will not be harmful for people’s eyes.

No matter form the aspect of comfort or environmental protection, the LED energy saving lamp must be people’s first choice when they choose the light. What’s more, there are lots of colors of LED energy saving lamp, so it can create a warm and peaceful environment that no common incandescent light can reach to. Here are all information of LED energy saving lamp and I hope that you can have a new knowledge of LED energy saving lamp.

Modern Chic LED Ceiling

Polished brass metal fixture sturdy hold the light. Flush mount ceiling lights consist metal fixture and acrylic shade. LED integrated provide both day white and warm white light source.

The classic Tiffany has been famous for hundred years due to the French exotic lighting

In some place of the north-east of America, there are many small lakes among the forests. When you drive pass by the place, you can see the shadow of the tree was reflected on the surface of the lake. It can give people a cheerful feeling. The scene of the dusk is more chic and amazing. There is a stone house beside the lake, and there is a window that has occupied the half area of the wall. It is confronted with the road beside the lake.

There is a stained-glass lamp which hung in the house. The colorful scene and the yellow lighting make the whole environment more graceful and charming. You will can’t help slowing down to enjoy the scene. Each people who is going to go home can feel the love and warm of the colorful light. They can feel that someone is waiting for them.

The stained-glass lamp really has the magical power. Its splendid design was born between the 19th and 20th century, which combined the ArtNouveau and ArtDeco style together.

Louis Comfort Tiffany is the leader of the New Art Movement. One of his artistic expertise is to design the stained-glass lamp. It can be used for the lampshade, door, window and other decorations. The authentic work is so hot that many auction company want to get it. Though the common available lights are still expensive, it is the copied work.

Many people don’t understand the New Art Movement, but they can speak out the name of Tiffany Lamp when they see this kind of stained-glass lamp. Some people will be curious about that whether there is an association between Tiffany and Tiffany&Co.

The answer is yes.

If we describe the the kids in rich family as ” born with gold spoon”, then, we can regard Louis Comfort Tiffany as the most cherished and beautiful one. Because his father is the founder of Tiffany&Co —- Charles Lewis Tiffany.

Three-light Ceiling Lights

Tiffany type ceiling lights could make the whole room full of elegance, E27 aperture could be convenient incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Whole light hold by hardware fixture flush mount install in the room.

LED ceiling light

LED ceiling light is high end modern ceiling light, it has soft light and has wide lighting area, it is normally used for market, hotel and counter decoration. Next we are going to get known of this boutique ceiling light to know its related information.

Since it has long life for ceiling light, in normal circumstances, it can reaches to 50000H, almost like 50 pcs of incandescent lights. We always use high-power LED light as light source, it is energy-saving, efficient, environmental and etc.

We always can see the lights in auto and jewelry display, high end costume, professional window and counter, then we can see figure of ceiling light, comparing with ceiling light, it gives priority to with it, has wide lighting area.

Ceiling light is called ceiling light, since it is flushed mounted type, it has different installation type, has different effect. If you install bracket or track to use it as project lamp or spotlight, we also can choose pendant light or tightwire.

How to use pendant light to lengthen the life, LED light has its own environment, then we can purchase it from -30 degrees to 50 degrees, in addition to purchase pendant lights, we need to notice the radiator and driver, we can not only consider the price.

Delicate Floral eiling Lighting

High ceiling lighting has a blue color shade to protect the bulb which used glass material. It also has floral and brids patterns on the surface. It very suits for bedroom, living room etc.

Creative decoration for Your Home-Fan Shaped Ceiling Light Fixture

Fan Shaped Ceiling Light Fixture: $262.99, save 40% off.

Many young people decorate their home in an unique way, so they want to select some creative and modern lights. This fan shaped ceiling light can meet all they need for chic lights. This fan shaped ceiling light is made according to the appearance of piano which consists of several rectangles lights and looks very simple.

The high quality LED integrated lights is energy-saving, and can be used for a very long time. It is very suitable for dining room, bedroom, or living room. Acrylic shade in white color works well on softening the light and make you feel comfortable when you have a rest.

The fixture height is 7.8 inch(20 cm). Diameter is 33.8 inch(86 cm). The width is 25.9 inch(66 cm). The hardware fixture is very firm to hold the whole light.

The only disadvantage of this fan shaped ceiling light is that it weighs 10kgs, but you can ask installer people to help and when the lights after installed, you will ignore this little disadvantage for its gorgeous and fantastic effect.

Leaf Shaped Led Ceiling Lighting-Bring You the Feeling of Autumn

Leaf Shaped Led Ceiling Lighting: $158.99, save 40% off.

Decorative ceiling lights are responsible for giving a beautiful look to the room. This leaf shaped ceiling lights not only have the function of decorative, but also bring the warm feeling of autumn. As a led light, this ceiling light can make enough light to bright your room wherever in the living room or dining room or bedroom.

The LED integrated lights are more environmentally than the normal energy saving lamps. Double apertures make the light become soft and add more romantic feeling to the room. Acrylic material distribute the light equally which is benefit to eyes protection. The hardware fixture touches smoothly and not easy to get deformed.

The fixture height is 3.9 inch(10 cm). Diameter is 22 inch(56 cm). The width is 14.1 inch(36 cm) which is very appropriate to install. Painting and polished finish process.

This kind of ceiling lights will provide everything you want and make your room looks elegant and gorgeous. When autumn comes, the interior leaf shaped ceiling light will be a perfect match to the outdoor scenery.

Special Choices for Your House-3D Glass Pendant Light

3D Glass Pendant Light: $109.99, save 40% off.

Do you want to select an unique light to decorate your house? This 3D glass pendant light can be your first choice. The sparking and colorful light will make your room bright and looks chic and funky. This kind of lights are not only suitable for your room, but also appropriate for bars, clothes shops, coffee bars or studios.

This pendant light is fixed by high quality chassis which is firm and without polluting the environment. And the chassis is under special treatment which is not easy to get deformed. The light is made of hand blown glass which is in high quality and hard to be broken, making your room shiny and dreamy. And the 3D effect is fabulous because the lights have been treated by several processes.

The fixture height is 7.8 inch(20 cm). Diameter is 10.2 inch(26 cm). And the length of the chain is 47.2 inch(120 cm). It is a adjustable chain which you can select the suitable length according to the height of your house.

If you are obsessed in the modern and chic home decoration, you can not miss this 3D glass pendant light.

Dragonfly Tiffany Ceiling Light-Beautiful Patterns to Decorate Your House

Dragonfly Tiffany Ceiling Light: $142.99, save 40% off.

Many people adore Tiffany lights for their beautiful patterns and elegant shape. This dragonfly Tiffany ceiling light can meet all need you desire. The shade is covered by stained glass which is full of decent quality. The most beautiful part is the dragonfly patterns which are very unique and colorful. This kind of ceiling lights are very suitable for country, European, modern or Mediterranean style home decoration.

The fixture is made of wrought iron which is corrosion proof and the color is bronze which makes the light looks more classic and vintage. Blue glass decorates the whole light which make you feel peaceful and relax. Imagine when you come home after long time work, turning on the light and you can enjoy the leisure time.

The fixture height is 5.1 inch(13 cm). Diameter is 15.7 inch(40 cm). E26/27 bulb base can be apply to this lights and bright enough for the whole room. And the painting finish make the light used for a long time.

This ceiling light is high on the top which can light the whole room and make the room looks bigger.

Rectangle Flush Mount Ceiling Lights-Bring You a Different feeling

Rectangle Flush Mount Ceiling Lights: $186.99, save 40% off.

Are you looking for a simple and elegant light for your living room? This unique ceiling lights with simple lines and rectangle shape can make your room looks full of personal characteristics. They are appropriate for your living room, dining room or bedroom. And the wonderful design can match every styles of home decoration. It is a good choice for modern style decoration.

This rectangle ceiling lights are consist of several small LED Integrated lights which are very energy-saving and environmental-friendly. And the LED light is very close to the natural light which is soft and not too bright and make your eyes feel relax and comfortable.

The fixture is 3.9 inch(10 cm) high, the width is 20.8 inch (53 cm) and the width is 29.9 inch (76 cm). The fixture material is wrought iron and the shade material is acrylic which make the light easy to clean and more firm.

Rectangle flush mount ceiling lights can bring you a different feeling and let you have the feeling of being in the natural world.

The Chic and Outstanding Hand Blown Glass Industrial Ceiling Lighting

Hand Blown Glass Industrial Ceiling Lighting: $248.99, save 40% off.

Most people think that industrial ceiling lights are too chic for normal home decoration. So they rarely consider selecting industrial ceiling lights for their house. But this kind of ceiling lights are hand blown and very artistic. And you do not need to worry about the matching of other interior decorations because they are easy to match every style of decoration. Do they impress you?

The chic hand blown glass industrial ceiling lights have 10 bulb base which could provide enough lighting. They are very suitable for your living room or dining room. Fixture height is 19.6 inch (50 cm) and diameter is 35.4 inch (90 cm).

This industrial ceiling lights are made of wrought iron and the shade material is glass which are not easy to corrode and convenient to clean.

Transparent glass shade will protect the bulb completely. E26/27 bulb base can be apply to this lights.

Although this ceiling lights look bigger than normal lights, but they do not weigh too much and easy to install.

Arm Swing Industrial Wall Lights for Modern Home Decoration

Arm Swing Industrial Wall Lights: $152.99, save 40% off.

Most industrial lights are simple and unique, so as this kind of wall lights. They look very special in appearance for that there is a arm swing which can swing in 180 degrees. This unique design must be popular in young people and are very appropriate for modern and chic home decoration especially in living room or study room. In addition, the black color can go with any styles of decors in the room, and will never out-off-date.

The fixture and shade material are all mental to keep the lights safe and not easy to corrode. And the mechanical design arm can keep balance of the light. It touches smoothly and easy to install.

Fixture height is 11.8 inch (30 cm) and diameter is 43.3 inch (110 cm). The light should apply to E26/E27 bulb base which is suitable for various lamps. This arm swing industrial wall lights can be a good choice for your decent home decoration.