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Rustic lighting for the shabby chic home

Antique and vintage lighting fixtures in homes are a big trend these days. People love to add a bit of vintage spice to their world of chic modernity. Rustic pendant lights are the best way to impart a rustic charm to your modern homes. While typical industrial light fixtures are not for the faint hearted, rustic pendant lights are a bit more easy on the eye with their timeless allure.

When shopping for lighting fixtures keep in mind the size of your room, height of the ceilings and the style of your room. Visit a few yard sales and antique shows to grab one of a kind exquisite pieces. If you can’t do that, you need not worry, a lot of stores now have many varieties of lights including ones with a rustic look. Otherwise, internet is your best friend. There are many stores which deal in antique furnishings and lights. Check them out and who knows you might end up striking gold!

Pastoral ceiling light

Pastoral ceiling light

This rustic pendant light is full of American pastoral temperament, drum shaped shade with crystal decoration is the best connection to vintage house. This fixture has polished brass finish, surface is smooth and exquisite.

Rustic pendant lights are a highly flexible and charming style of lighting. They will always complement your look of the room, overall. These lights can be used in rooms with high ceilings and exposed beams, or in kitchens over the island where modern architecture would mingle very well with the soft classical smooth edges of pendant lights. These lights are a splendid addition to a dining room and they would make any room look grand.

For a classic vintage look, go for a distressed lamp. These would go best with the minimalistic style in a room, in a modern room it might dampen the bright spirit. Take polished, hammered disc pendant of copper or brass for a more polished look. You might want to decide upon the shape of your light too. There are large pendant lights that even though look exquisite they might look too big in a small room or a room with completely contemporary decor. Consider which elements you want to highlight and which you’d rather ignore and that would help you decide the type of lighting fixture you might use. Install a dimmer to control the amount of lighting you might want in the room.

Mediterranean style Tiffany lights

Mediterranean style Tiffany lights

The colored glass pendant light is the best decoration for the house, umbrella shaped fixture adds rustic temperament to any occasions. Fixture itself has polished brass finish, downlight lamp holder provides enough brightness.

Choose large colored glass pendants with brass or copper details in your living room or your dining area, they can also be used in the hallway to welcome your guests with a cheerful glow. Clear glass pendants are also absolutely lovely. They give a very elegant and romantic effect to the room. If you have special period features in your house rustic pendant lights would be an excellent choice.

An over-sized light will be the focal point in any room, it can show off your aesthetic sense quite well. Clear glass pendants with a caged frame and naked light speak volumes of your refined taste, large colored glass pendant also give a sophisticated charm to the room. In a house with many period features  you might want to choose a distressed metal shade for your light.

Vintage lights are back in fashion in a big way, if you choose to put one in your house it will not only be a latest trend but these lights are also sure to woo everyone. Rustic pendant lights are a perfect addition to any house. Just be sure to choose a light that compliments the design of the room and adds to its beauty.

Decor Ideas Using Glass Wall Sconce

The use of glass wall lighting can be traced back to Roman civilization 2000 years back. However, today glass wall sconce is one of the most common types of lighting found invariably in schools, offices, commercial spaces and houses.

Concept of Glass Wall Sconce

It is a versatile lighting style often used in areas where you may require a little additional lighting to light a dark area. These wall fitting lights come in a wide variety of glass designs, shapes, decorative styles and shades. It can essentially be used for decorative lighting, or as task lighting in study areas, hall ways, or dine out areas. This type of lighting finds great scope of usage even in restaurants, hotels, offices, etc. These wall sconces appear to be like wall hanging candle holders. You can actually use them for different purpose by altering the light power.

Wood Wall Sconce Shelf

Use of Wall Sconce

When it comes to glass wall sconce, they are undoubtedly sophisticated lighting options which you can use artistically in different areas.

Owing to their exclusive decorative look and artistic designs they are great lighting option for hall ways or living areas where you always prefer something that would easily catch the attention of people as well as offer sufficient lighting.

These wall sconces being made of glass offer bright lighting, clear and effective distribution of light.

Since a glass wall sconce occupy minimum space for installation, you can essentially use them wherever you find narrow and limited lighting scopes like, doorways, or above the vanity mirrors in bathrooms or above wash basins.

Installing a series of similar looking wall sconce in the corridor can definitely enhance dramatic elegance.

Water pipe rack

Water pipe rack

As we know, a glass wall sconce can change the environment of whole home to be European vintage style, then we can match the unique shelf with glass wall sconce.  It is made of wood and the whole style looks industrial and chic. We can put some plant pots or wine bottles on it.  And also the wall looks not too monotonously.

Besides, you can select glass shades, designs, and textures from a wide array of sconce designs easily available in the market. This can also be a budget lighting solution against the contemporary lighting styles offering contemporary, classic, modern, traditional appeals accordingly with different designs.

Collocation of wall lamps

A good light collocation can improve the art decorative effect of your home. The soft and changeable lighting will make your home environment more funny and elegant. A daily home light can brighten the home and satisfy the illumination demand. Besides, the art and decorative performance of lights can cultivate the state of mind and highlight the life quality. Apart from interior illuminated function, we should take advantage of lights flexibly to enrich the whole space. The lighting can be regarded as the magician of whole space. The beauty of lighting can make the room become mysterious and graceful, then can also cheer people up. The wall lamp, actually, can give people this kind of feeling. Moreover, the wall looks not too monotonous any more with the decoration of chic and beautiful wall lamps.

Wall Sconces With Iron Material

The size of wall lamp is usually depended on the size of space and the color of wall paper or bed. For example, for modern and simple bed, we can choose a glass Tiffany modern wall lamp in floral shape. The wall paper can be decorated with damask or similar floral pattern which in light color like beige or baby blue and so on. Then, the whole effect can be more harmonious and elegant.

wall lampswall lamps

The wall lamp can bring the blurry feeling and make the room more unique and special. At the same time, it can stress the beauty of wall lamp and echo with the bedside lamp well. This kind of wonderful room must have attracted you a lot.

Choosing perfect bedroom ceiling lights

Flush mount light

Bedroom is the important part of our lives as we spend the quality time in our bedroom. Lighting in bedroom plays an important role in giving it an enhancing and relaxing mode. In order to get the ambient light in your bedroom the bedroom ceiling lights are important. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. They can be either in form of hanging or in the form of flush mounted one. The type of bedroom ceiling light completely depends on the size of room and also on the height of you bedroom ceiling.

Creative Shaped bedroom Ceiling Light

In some cases, people use the recessed light to get a streamlined look in the bedroom. The flush mount bedroom ceiling lights are available in different styles and sizes. You can get the best light for your small bedroom as well which works perfectly with the décor of your room. When you prefer to choose the flush mount light in your bedroom you need to choose between the semi flush mount and close flush mount. The close flush mount is the one which directly sits on the ceiling and the semi flush light is the one which hangs some inches down thus leaving some space between the fixture and ceiling.

Close mount light

bedroom ceiling lights

If your ceilings are below 8 feet then choosing the close flush mount bedroom ceiling light it is more preferable. Ceiling heights of more than 9 to 10 feet needs a semi flush mount light? In case your bedroom has ceiling height more than 10 feet then you should consider choosing a hanging light rather than flush mount lights. When you are installing the bedroom ceiling light keep in mind to place them in the center of the room is that it gives the light effect throughout the room. Install some well placed fixture but make sure that you don’t install too many fixtures.

Exquisite match for study room

Exquisite match for study room

Even we are at home, the diligent white-collar worker are always reading books or work to improve ourselves, study is necessary for white-collars, the workbench would take advantage of space, it would be exquisite study in small corner.

Life passion is reflected in details, the perfect furniture would add romantic atmosphere for your home. Soft ocean is the main style for restaurant for your room, the cool color match would keep the house full of ocean, the following Nordic table is the good choice for study room.

Nordic simple desk

Nordic simple desk

The workbench design would make you happy, blue wall with natural painting is the best effect for house, since the chair and table are white, that is perfect combination , if we place the vase on the table, at the same time, we can put some dried flower, that would bring fresh and beauty for study.

Ceramic flower vase

Ceramic flower vase

Good quality ceramic vase can create atmosphere for your date, the position of dinning table is necessary, no matter it is Chinese meal or western style, that is the best accessories for flower and vase.

When we are reading books, we had better have table lamp to decorate the house, the decorative table lamp is beautiful and simple, that would be the perfect combination.

Decorative Crystal Table Lamps

The floral table lamp is best choice for study room, living room and bedroom, fabric shade with crystal base is the perfect combination to decorate room, flower around shade is made by professional master, exquisite and vivid.

Collocation of drum shaped ceiling lights

The choice of lighting fixtures are during the decorations of home furniture, that would be ignored by many people. Some people would install the ceiling light into the house, that keep the layout confused, the light may be different, at the same time some people would install only one piece of lamp, that keep the whole space monotonous. How to choose the proper lighting fixtures are not only about the lighting types, but also the space room, we can choose the proper lighting fixtures for room, at the same time we can create the unique atmosphere for house. I think the drum shaped ceiling light would be good choice.

Kids Room Ceiling Light

The above pop art drum shaped ceiling light is the best choice for house, drum shaped design is full of modern chic look, pop art design is made by professional workmanship, that becomes best try for kids room, living room and etc.

American Village Leather Sofa

Decorative painting is the common type for house decoration, we can put the amazing scenery picture up the white background wall, the warm color painting would make the sofa beautiful, that would give us the elegant culture atmosphere, that would let the whole living room full of luxury atmosphere.

The design layout of decorative styles would reflect the culture and living quality, the design principle for public place is about its own characters, so once the style of decoration is confirmed, we have to choose the proper wall paper, that would be very important.

Living room non-woven wallpaper

If you choose the proper ceiling light, the whole lighting fixtures would bring the amazing effect, that would let the whole room full of romantic atmosphere, the ceiling light would not light the whole room, in the day it would bring the different shock.

The collocation of Tiffany lights

Tiffany, one of the world famous artistic unique lights, which assimilate the American art master’s original style into the product in 19th. It combines the unique modern craft with the graceful feeling together, so the whole light looks funky and vintage.
Actually, the style of Tiffany light is rough, which is similar with the oil painting. The main feature is that it can make different patterns. The Tiffany light will be more luxury and noble under the irradiation of lighting.

Semi Flush Tiffany Ceiling Light

This Tiffany ceiling light is colorful, so it can give people a visual impact and a deep impression. The irregular geometric shape make the lampshade more funky and unique. The iron material which is painted in black looks more chic and elegant. No matter in daylight or at night, the colorful Tiffany light will make your room more dreamy and graceful.

You know, the Tiffany light and dining table is a good collocation. The colorful lighting is irradiated on the dining table, so the whole environment looks more warm and romantic. The dining table is made of wooden, the warm coffee color also has a vintage style, so the combination can give people a comfortable and peaceful environment to enjoy the delicious food.

At this time, if we put a flower vase on the middle of the dining table, then you will that you are eating the western food with your lover. The feeling of love is so sweet.
The vase in gray and blue color looks simple and chic. The glass material makes the vase more high-end and clean. The pink and white flower looks pure and it can give people a romantic and graceful feeling.
The beautiful vase, colorful lighting, and vintage dinging table, all of these will give you a wonderful and amazing space. Is your heart moved?

Dramatic furniture and lighting fixtures make life fun

In dramatic spring, this period would be full of bright and fun, we can take advantage of lighting fixtures to decorate our life.

Living room is the big arena in our house, we need to create the romantic atmosphere, so we can choose traditional chandeliers or floor lamps, usually the lighting configuration would use main lighting fixture and auxiliary lighting fixtures to be matched with, then we can adjust the brightness and highlights, that would add the emotional appeal for our house,  the next floor lamp would be the good choice for living room.

Crystal Shade Floor Lamps

Nowadays, lighting design of furniture is becoming simple and exquisite, just like the Italian furniture, its style is very modern. The perfection match of white sofa and floor lamp would be perfect match, that would create comfortable atmosphere and satisfied our reading.

Beige Nordic fabric sofa

Don’t forget the small applique, the appliqued wall paper would add endless fun, that add floral temperament for simple sofa, with the decoration of light and wall paper, the whole living environment would be dramatic and shining.

Dandelion wall creative stickers

Lighting fixture colors would be matched with furniture environment, arrangement of living room light would consider the styles of furniture room, color of wall and machine. Otherwise light styles are not harmony with the whole furniture, that would be cunning outwits itself, if the wall paper is light color, then we have to choose the warm white lighting fixtures, that could make the bright and soft light environment.

How to install the bedroom chandelier to show the master’s taste?

The chandelier, which regarded as a kind of unique light, it is usually used in some large spaces, such as the hall of public areas. And the chandelier is mainly installed in the living room to make people appreciate it. Therefore, many people will ask that whether the chandelier is suitable for the bedroom. How to install the chandelier in the bedroom. Next, lets’ have a look!

Whether it is suitable to install the chandelier in the bedroom?

Beautiful crystal bedroom chandelier

(ITEM ID:SVLT04271542479)

The bedroom is regarded as people’s haven and gas station, so its settings and environment have an important effect on people’s sleep. Can we install the chandelier in the bedroom? Let’s have a look!

First, the color of light source of bedroom chandelier: the white color is the most suitable

The lighting of bedroom chandelier should be in white color. Never choose the red color. The white light source is suitable for people’s life habit. The yellow color seems to absorb the wealth, because in five elements, the yellow represents the earth, while the earth can produce wealth, so the yellow color has the meaning of absorbing wealth. We mustn’t use the red light source, because the red color can make people irritable. If we install the red light source beside the head of the bed, then it is easy for the husband or wife to get derailment.If you want to see more chandeliers, see here.

Second, the installation position of bedroom chandelier

Never install the chandelier on the head of the bed or above the bed in the bedroom. On the one hand, it will bring the inconvenience; on the other hand, it will give people the spiritual burden.

Third, choosing the type of bedroom chandelier

We need to consider all things fully when we choose the type of the bedroom chandelier, such as the home style, the shape of chandelier and so on. We should not choose the chandelier with too many edges and corners. The suitable chandelier can bring lucky and good opportunity.

Fourth, the number of bedroom chandelier

The bedroom chandelier is differ from the living room chandelier. The chandelier for living room should be installed many bulbs because we need to make the living room bright. While we should install three chandeliers in the bedroom, the odd number is suitable.

Beautiful crystal bedroom chandelier

Fifth, the choice of bedroom chandelier

Different rooms have different functions, so the decorations of chandelier are different. The bright living room and dim bedroom shows that the lighting for the living room should be bright and strong while the lighting for the bedroom should be dim. The lighting for bedroom should be soft. The dazzling lighting will have a bad influence on people’s sleep.

How to install the bedroom chandelier?

The chandelier in nautical style comes from Spain which has a long nautical history. These kinds of chandeliers can be lighted by power or oil. It is very suitable for the unique indoor furnishing. The chandelier should not be hung too low by electrical wire or iron branch, or it will disturb people’s eyesight and make people feel dazzled. Take the chandelier in the dining room as an example, the ideal effect is to install the chandelier over the table, and it will not block the eyesight’s between people. Nowadays, the hanging stent of chandelier has been equipped with the spring or height adjuster, so it can satisfy the demands on different heights.

We should pay attention to its position, and height if there is more than one chandelier. We can install the chandelier when we install the ceiling, then we can adjust the height of the chandelier according to the ceiling joystick.

There are two methods of making the boom out of the ceiling. the direct method or adding a casing on the boom. The later method is easy for installation, we can make the ceiling complete and just need to drill a hole. The first method is uneasy for people to find out the correct position of hole. Sometimes, we will need to install the boom firstly and then cut off the surface of ceiling. Thus, the whole decoration effect will be affected.

Elegant candle bedroom chandelier

There should be thread in a certain length on the boom to prepare for the adjustment of height. We should pay attention to the reliability of connection if we hang the chandelier box under the boom and sling.

The introduction of rattan lamps in pastoral style

The light is always playing the lighting role in our life. And the light can also decorate our home environment. We just need to pay more attention to the purchasing of light, then we can make our home more beautiful and elegant. Thus, Savelights wants to introduce the pastoral rattan lamp to you. Let’s look at the following introduction.

Rattan Natural Pendant Lights

(ITEM ID:SVLT04121537277)

The pastoral rattan lamp —- the introduction of pastoral rattan lamp

Pastoral rattan lamps

The material of rattan lamp is the wild rattan, so it shows the desire of closing to the nature. It can make people get away the noisy city life and get a quiet environment. People who chooses the rattan lamp to decorate the room can remember the earlier relaxed life, so they will be indulged in the rattan scene, aroma and feelings and so on.

The pastoral style is a common decoration style. Its main purpose is to show the pastoral temperament through the decoration. The pastoral style doesn’t mean the country style, it means that people feel closer to the nature and have a natural environment.

The simplicity is the key point that more and more people choose the pastoral style. In the noisy city, people want to be closer to the nature to pursue a simple and plain life. So the pastoral style was born. The people who likes pastoral style are mainly humble and know how to live and enjoy the life. The theme of pastoral style is to get close to the nature and return to the plain and simple life style. The biggest feature of pastoral style is simplicity, affability,and actuality.

Pastoral rattan lamps

The pastoral rattan lamp —- the identify skill of pastoral rattan lamp

First, the fabric

The mouth of the ordinary incandescent
lamp is made of white iron, which is easy to get rusty. The lamp in high quality is usually made of aluminum alloy, so it is uneasy to get rusty.

Pastoral rattan lamps

Second, the filament

The good lamp is usually equipped with double filaments, and the poor lamp usually takes advantage of the single filament.

Third, the brightness /

For lighttub, the good lighttub is processed by disposable powder coating with the large machine, so the brightness is average. However, the poor lighttub is processed by artificial powder coating, so the brightness is not average.

Fourth, the price

We can not just pay attention to the low price, after all, the quality is proportional to the price.

Fifth, the certification

We need to see whether the product has the 3C certification, and we also need to verify its content.

Sixth, the new or antique product.

The skill of new product is not sure to be mature. So we should not only buy the new product, while ignore the antique product.