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The appreciation of European living room chandelier rendering

There are sofa and TV and some other large equipments in the living room. The design of living room chandelier is also very important. The chandelier can add the funky feeling of home. The following rendering is about European living room chandelier.

The design of European living room is various. The whole furniture and equipment are in European style, and the small equipments are also in European style. Then, what are those renderings of European living room chandelier? Let’s have a look at.

First, the chandelier of European living room is mainly used to satisfy most European lovers. The chandelier can make the living room more natural, pure and country.

Second, the ceiling is in round shape. And the chandelier is made of lots of little bulbs. The European wallpaper, sofa and chandelier create a better European feeling.

Third, the black lamp cap and the white design of chandelier can go well with the style of round tea table. The whole decoration is in white color, so it can make the European pastoral style more obvious.

Fourth: the crystal chandelier and the red furniture and create a strong American feeling. The black tea table makes the whole night look more beautiful.

Fifth, the crystal chandelier is in the candle shape. And the size of the sofa is different but looks neat. So the whole living room looks warm and natural.

The European chandelier can improve the effect which brought by the furniture and it can create a strong funky feeling. All above are renderings of European living room chandelier, and I hope you will like it.

Decorative Chandelier 8-Light

Rustic iron chandelier has wrought iron fixture which could resistance to rust and corrosion. It also used glass material as its shades which could make the light soft and mild.

The rendering of the living room light The picture of living room light

Nowadays, the lighting function is not the only one. The decoration function is more important. The unique light in the living room can make your home special. The light in the living room can

create an oriental, pastoral or exotic feelings. The decoration of living room is a big point of home furnishing. So wen can not look down upon or ignore it.

The rendering of the light in the living room.

The iron candle living room light brings the natural feeling to the living room. It makes the living room in modern style look more funky and beautiful. The TV backdrop can go well with the color of the sofa perfectly. The whole space is filled with the feeling of time.

The funky and elegant crystal chandelier creates a clear and crystal effect. It is obvious in the living room in the modern Mediterranean style. When the lighting is refracted from the crystal light, the whole room is in the modern style.

Most people like installing the table lamp on the head of the bed. The special appearance and the clever design makes the light look like a luxury decorative work. The lamp post combines the iron and glass material together, so it makes the whole living room look more funky and fashionable.

For modern people, this kind of ball light in the living room can give people a country and natural feeling. It is also exotic and unique and it can make people feel that they are in the Texas hunter’s house.

This kind of light makes the modern chandelier look more funky and elegant. It combines the cloth lampshade with the iron decoration, so it looks not cold any more. The room which filled with soft lighting through the lampshade looks warm and romantic.

6-Light Fabric Chandeliers

Drum lighting chandelier is composed of fabric shade, brass fixture and E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 22″ * 23.6″. Good quality fabric shade ha shand crafted, soft light with a deep sense of American style. E14 screw base is suitable for various lamps.

Boutique crystal chandeliers appreciation

Shinning crystal has collection and decoration value in old times, at the same time it is called by beauty, crystal, bead and stc. Next we will show you the boutique pics of crystal chandeliers, next we will show you the beauty of crystal chandeliers that brought to us.

Beige and clear crystal bead and pink flower are popular with people. European arc fixtures are added to elegant, gorgeous temperament. This pendant light is like flower and girl.

This crystal chandelier seems like to be hung in wrong position, not matched with environment. But if we use another vision to enjoy it, we will find its special beauty. This crystal chandelier has special comparision with rust wall and ancient lights., at the same time the flower on the table is echoing with crystal chandeliers.

Romantic roman shades with warm atmosphere, that creates silent and warm atmosphere. Dark green wall paper, soft carpet and luxury crystal chandeliers reflect luxury and taste.

Under the shinning of crystal chandeliers, luxury room reflects sunshine atmosphere, the whole room is in a mess, it is perfect in color and duzzy, it reflects usage of color and pastoral temperament.

British designer Lee Broom and famous handmade crystal manufacture Cumnria pushes out this crystal chandelier from traditional crystal cutting technology, it is made of popular water bottle, combined with industrial elements and decoration, that turns light bulb into enjoy artwork. This pendant light is handmade, that has timeless crystal picture, inside has G9 LED light.

Dramatic Ceiling Lights

Crystal flush mount ceiling light is composed of crystal and glass shade, hardware ceiling plate with E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 10.2″ * 31.4″ * 39.2″. Hardware ceiling plate suffers the pressure from crystal embellishment.

The ranking of European light brand. The noble and gorgeous European light

The European light is popular on the market. It is filled with retro feeling. If you want to choose the European light to decorate your home, then you need to know that what are the brands of European light? And what are the rankings of European brands? Next, I will introduce the ranking of European light simply.

The top 1 in European light ranking: AOZZO LIGHT

AOZZO light looks graceful, simple and unique. The material is superior and it is a kind of famous exported product. It combines the European funky elements and the Chinese traditional elements together, so the light looks more chic and brilliant.

The top 2 in European light ranking: LONDON LIGHT

The products of LONDON LIGHT is abundant and the price is reasonable. It is a kind of real cost-effective product. It is also a kind of reliable brand for online light. There are also many kinds of European chandelier. However, we still need to pay attention that we should choose the LONDON light carefully online to avoid buying the fault product.

The top 3 in European light ranking: HUA SENG LIGHT

HUA SNEG Light is a brilliant domestic brand. There are many specialty stores. And the price of HUA SENG light is more reasonable than other brands. The quality is accepted by many consumers.

The top 4 in European light ranking: FAWSON LIGHT

FAWSON light is the famous light brand of Zhongshan, and now its products have been exported to many foreign countries. There are many specialty stores all around the world. It ranks the top three in TaoBao light industry.

The top 5 in European light ranking: AI BANG LIGHT

The Zhangshan AI BANG light comes from the world light city, so it is a brand which contains the eastern and western backgrounds, Its European light is the main product for sale. AI BANG light wants to create a home feel for consumers which can not be copied., and give people a high-end life.

The top 6 in European light ranking: HUA YI LIGHT

HUA YI light is a brand of Zhongshan town, and it has a history of over twenty years. It insists on the routine of high-end quality and now it has become the famous brand all around the world.

The top 7 in European light ranking: KAI YUAN LIGHT

There are various kinds of products of KAI YUAN light, and every index has got the national professional certification. It is honored as the business model of honesty consistently in six years. The main products in European and simple style are very famous in the same profession.

The top 8 in European light ranking: QI LANG LIGHT

Zhongshan QI LANG light bloc consists of Italy and English company. Its European chandelier is filled with the local style. Its European light looks elegant, graceful and solemn. Its products are sold to over seventy countries and areas.

The top 9 in European light ranking: QIAN LI LIGHT

QIAN LI LIGHT is a brand which comes from Yangzhou. There are over six thousands products in its industry. Its products have got many national or international professional certifications. It is the real good product in high quality which monitored by the national technical supervision department.

The top 10 in European light ranking:XIN WEN HANG LIGHT

The XIN WEN HANG light comes from Fujian. It is a large industry of developing, producing and selling lights. It is the national inspection-free product and it is also a kind of famous Fujian brand. Its technology has reached to the standards of America or other many countries. Its European light looks very elegant and high-end.

In all, the introduction of European light brand ranking is finished. I hope that this article will be helpful for you. If you still have some questions, then you can pay attention to our website Savelights and we will answer for you as soon as possible.

Rustic 8-Light Vintage Chandelier

Vintage chandelier is composed of wrought iron fixture, E27 screw base and glass shade. Dimensions of fixture could be 19.6″ * 35.4″. Resin fixture has vintage pattern, adds vintage temperament to this fixture. Glass shade protects lamps totally, has high transmittance of light. E27 screw base is suitable for various lamps.

Amazing Crystal Chandeliers For Living Room

beautiful crystal chandeliers

beautiful crystal chandeliers: $388.99,save 40%.

Why choose crystal chandeliers for home decoration? The main reason would be for its charming and beautiful appearance. What we are going to introduce you this time is this the following beautiful crystal chandelier.
beautiful crystal chandeliers

The big crystal chandelier is made of wrought iron fixture and crystal materials. Gives a touch of rustic yet modern look that can be sued for living room, bedroom or dinning room.
beautiful crystal chandeliers

Refined wrought iron fixture is solid and durability can withstand a lots of pressure. With painting finish that is anti-rust. Well manufactured surface.
beautiful crystal chandeliers

Leaf shape design is unique and antique to look at. Ended by shabby chic painting finish.

beautiful crystal chandeliers

Beautiful crystal decoration is amazing and stunning when turning on the light. You could not imagine how beautiful it is.

A rustic decor for dinning room – the deer antler chandelier

For its special design, shape appearance and good meaning, dear antler chandelier are very popular for interior decorating from ancient world. They are well crafted that surely an idea option for your choice if you are searching for something elegant for home accent.
deer antler chandelier

deer antler chandelier : $584, save 40%.

Here is one antler chandelier from savinglights online shop we would like to introduce it to you is “Fabric Shade E12/E14 Bulb Base 8-Light Antler Chandelier”. This deer antler chandelier is made of fabric, wrought iron and resin materials. It comes with a-light for illumination. We better advise that you can use it for both living room or dinning room.
deer antler chandelier

To know more about the deer antler chandelier before you make up you mind to purchase it. First is the wrought iron fixture. Include sling chain, bedding light arm and ceiling plate are made of wrought iron material. It is known to us, wrought iron material is solid and durable, also wrought iron very easy to get compare to scarce materials. Painting finish is anti-rust and moistureproof.
deer antler chandelier

Fabric shade is made from linen material which is natural quality with good texture and thin allow lighting go through. Works well on light transmission.
deer antler chandelier

Antler fixture is made of resin material give an elegant of lighting that makes room extremely delightful.

Access Your Dreamy House Decorating With Modern Chandelier Lighting

Spice you home or office with modern atmosphere we highly recommend you the Modern Chandelier Lighting. It can go with any furniture and gives a touch of American style, neoclassical style, simple European style and Chinese style completely transfigured the look and feel of the room. This Imported 6-Light Alabaster Shade Brass Chandelier will offer a balance of the interior design for home decorating.

modern chandelier lighting

modern chandelier lighting: $452.99, save 40%.

This modern chandelier is made of alabaster and brass materials with 6-light for illumination. Fixture height is 24.8 inch (63 cm) and fixture diameter is 27.5 inch (70 cm). Coupled with E27 socket which can be used incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs.
modern chandelier lighting

Imported alabaster material lampshade is processed by my times, from the beginning choosing raw material using monolith cutting, after that pick up the best pieces from coarse materials, and then make the manual sculpture, finally repeated polished process to make the high-quality lampshade.
modern chandelier lighting

Light fixture is made of 100 percent brass material. Melting under high temperature and modeling by cast process that is durable and would not fade the color.
modern chandelier lighting

For many of us are reminiscence, there are so many things remind us a lots. Brass fixture of this modern chandelier is a sign of elegant and vintage bring you back but at the same time give your room a contemporary modern look.

A Traditional Rustic Wrought Iron Home Decorating

rustic wrought iron chandeliers

Rustic Wrought Iron Chandeliers: $398. save 40%.

Looking for something simple, easy to clean but the best lighting pieces that accent the entire area. Solid fixture in classic black color can be used for anywhere. Meanwhile, wrought iron gives a traditional home looking.Wrought iron chandeliers in anther way to be thought as industrial chandelier mostly used for factory in old day, but it can be fund nowadays in many private homes in most countries.It can transform a typical room to an amazing room, so let us have a short look on this Vintage 8-Light Glass Shade Pillar Candle Wrought Iron Chandelier.
Rustic Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Overlook the lighting fixture it is made of wrought iron body,alabaster and glass shade. Dimensions of fixture could be 22 inch high and 33.8 wide of the diameter. Sling chain can be adjusted maximum length can be 19.6 inch.
Rustic Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Double-layer lighting shade is made of glass and alabaster materials. Alabaster and transparent glass has high transmittance and not glare giving soft warm lighting.
Rustic Wrought Iron Chandeliers

E27/E26 aperture bulb base can be used for any bulb. Easy to replace, flame retardant and high temperature retardant lamp holder protest bulb giving light safely.
Rustic Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Have a traditional rustic look home decorating. Black wrought iron chandelier can not be ignored.

Time To Modernize Your Home with Modern Chandelier Lighting

beautiful modern chandeliers

Modern Chandelier Lighting: $196, save 40%.

the main reason why modern chandeliers being decorating lighting is for its charming and attractive look.There are many modern chandeliers in different shapes, with varieties patterns and types. And huge collection available in both stores and the internet. Easy to make a right choice from so many collection.
Modern Chandeliers Lighting

The Modern 5-Light Bedroom Chandeliers With Glass Shade if effective and affordable that would be your choice. I can be used for living room, bedroom or dinning room, even the entryway transform a typical room into an amazing room.
Modern Chandeliers Lighting

The Modern Chandeliers Lighting are composed with metal and rubber wooden fixture and glass shade. Five-light accompanied with E27/E26 bulb base. Metal fixture is processed by electroplated and painting finish which is anti-rust. Natural quality rubber wooden lighting body gives you a touch of rustic look. Delicate and beautiful milk white glass shade is pervious to light but not glare transform home a warm and peace atmosphere.
Modern Chandeliers Lighting

Dimensions of fixture could be 15.7 high and 19.6 wide of the fixture that is not too big that can be used for anywhere, even there is a low ceiling. If you are searching for something home lighting to modernize your interiors, this would be good choice.

Personalize Your Drawing Room with Antler Chandeliers

Antique Antler Chandelier

Antique Antler Chandelier: $388.99, you save 40%.

To offer a simple rustic atmosphere also elegance with antler chandeliers would be a good option. An alter chandelier usually used for dinning room, drawing room or bedroom occasion make room look extremely delightful.
Antique Antler Chandelier

This 5-light country style Designer Shabby Chic Chandelier is what we are going to recommend you in this article. A brief look of the fixture it comes with total height is 19.6 inch (50 cm) and 39.3 inch (100 cm) wide of the diameter. Sling chain length is adjustable. Shabby chic resin fixture and 5-light of E12/E14 aperture.
Antique Antler Chandelier

Painting finish resin fixture looks like wooden appearance is rustic look make interiors just perfect. Coupled with candle shape bulb base is surely going to enhance the beauty of the place with classy look.
Antique Antler Chandelier

This lighting fixture is well crafted that would be great help in the best decoration of your home. With antique design idea offers an ambiance that is really aesthetic look.