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How to choose the good quality of ceiling light?

There are many different kinds of ceiling light styles, such as, modern style, pastoral style, European style, Italian style and etc, the common style is simple, that is easy to be matched and popular with many people. At the same time, we have to see the whole design of furniture, if you want to purchase the good quality ceiling light, then you need to notice following tips.

All the lighting source of incandesccent lamps can be lighted on by ballast, that brings the momentary volatge and stability, whether the ballast is good or not, that decides the life of ceiling light and lighting effect, in general, professional manufacture would make the good quality ballast.

Almost ceiling light is white color, in our opinion, some people would think the ceiling light is brighter, but some is darker, some is white, and some is purple or blue, that is because of different lighting effect and color temperature.

Some manufacture will make the color temperature higher in order to let the light brighter, because of its low lighting souce, in fact it is not real bright, just for our illusion, if you live under this environment, then your vision would be worse.

There are acrylic shade, plastic shade and glass shade, the best is the imported acrylic shade, the feature of shade is soft, lightware and good transparent of light, it is not easy to be colored. When you purchase the lighting fixture, if you press the shade with hand, you can see the softness, softer is better. Then we can take the shade off, see whether it is convenient.

Beautiful Tiffany Ceiling Light

Contemporary ceiling light has four lights for lighting, there are a big shell shade for covering them which could make the light soft and mild. The screw base could be E27 which apply to most bulbs.

The rendering display of glass ceiling light

The design of glass is various. The ceiling light which made of glass has a special appearance and the lighting is shiny and bright. It makes the home decoration more chic and graceful. Next, please appreciate the glass ceiling light in the following picture.

Vintage glass ceiling light

In recent years, the vintage style is becoming more and more popular. The lights are turned into a decoration or art work, apart from the lighting function. There are many vintage elements in the light. If you want your home to be filled with vintage feeling, then a vintage glass ceiling light is very suitable. It can create a vintage and retro environment for your home.

Funky, personal and modern glass ceiling light

The glass ceiling light in modern style makes the glass play the full role. The simple line and the unique design make the home look funky. It can show a luxury and modern feeling.

European classic glass ceiling light

The European decoration can always create a noble and graceful environment. The European classic palace light has simple lines, so it can create luxury and graceful environment. The glass material looks clear and it can compared with the crystal. If we match the light with the modern home, it can not only show the European graceful feeling, but also can create a funky fashion.

You can image that you are dancing with the Waltz song in the soft light and you are filled with noble and graceful temperament. Your splendid dress and the shiny ceiling light make you graceful and elegant.

Blue Color Lights Industrial

Pendant lights industrial has single light for lighting, and the lighting space could be 3-8㎡.The shade could be hand blown glass material which has good transmission of light. Shown in Blue.The screw base could be E27.

How to design the light to make it go well with the home decoration?

In modern home decoration, the light can not only brighten the room, but also decorate the room. Next, Savelights will tell you how to design the most suitable light for home decoration.

The light in living room should be able to create an elegant, reliable and warm environment, then guests will feel at home. We can install a chandelier with single bulbs or several bulbs in the center of the room and the other lights can be floor light, wall lamp, projection lamp and so on. This kind of setting looks steady and elegant. We can also choose the light according to different needs. All lights can work simultaneously and the single light can also create a special environment.

If the dining room is spacious enough, then we can choose the chandelier as the main light. We can also add the wall lamp to be the auxiliary light. For example, we can combine the chandelier and the mosaic light on the ceiling together. It can not only satisfy the basic lighting of the room, but also can provide the dinning room with partial lighting.

Apart from the basic lighting, the dining room pays more attention to the feeling of dining. It can create a warm and romantic home environment. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the warm light which can be adjusted freely. We should not chose the cold light like fluorescent light to save power.

The lighting for the bedroom should not be too strong or too white, or it will make the room more rigid and without vitality. We’d better choose the warm light to make the bedroom warm and romantic. We can also install partial light for the bedroom, such as bedside light. It is convenient for people to read before sleeping.

The lighting for study room should be bright and soft. We can turn on the main light when there is several friends chatting with each other. And we only need to turn on the table light when we work or study. We should choose the table light which can satisfy the demand of working and studying. It’s unwise for us to choose the colorful glass with diffusion light or the craft table lamp with decorative shade. We can install several small spotlights in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only let us find books easily, but also can keep the temperature to avoid wet and rot of books.

Alloy Ceiling Pendant Lights

These Tiffany pendant lights consist three-light to provide lighting. Wrought iron base and zinc alloy fixture. Hand made shell shade equipped with perfect workmanship. Can be used incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs.

Several reasons for choosing LED energy saving light

It is said by a designer that light is the most charming master in home decoration. So the effect of light shadow has attracted many people. It can be seen from the sales data that the LED energy saving light is the mainstream of light market. Why the LED energy saving light can be the mainstream of light market.

Green and Eco-friendly: there is a lot of mercury in the traditional energy saving light, so if the mercury is broken, then it will be harmful for people’s health. There is no mercury, lead or some other harmful elements in LED energy saving light. It is beneficial for people’s physical and mental world.

It can save energy and has a longer service life. The power consumption of LED energy saving light is one fifth of the common energy saving light. The service life of LED energy saving light is 10 times longer than the traditional incandescent light. It can be over 30,000 hours. So it can reduce the cost of change and maintenance.

It can create a quiet and comfortable environment without any noises: LED energy saving incandescent light will not produce noises and it can create a quiet and comfortable bright environment for you. It is most suitable for the shopping mall, library, office and home.

The lighting is soft and it can protect people’s eyes: the traditional energy saving light uses the exchange circuit, so there are 100 to 120 times’ strobe in each second. The LED light turns the exchange circuit into direct circuit, so there is no strobe phenomenon. It can protect people’s eyes and it can create a soft environment.

The response is quick and there is no need to wait: the response time of LED light is in nanosecond level, it is very fast and people don’t need to wait for the brightness after turning on the light. And it can be turned on or off continuously. However, the traditional energy saving light will be broken if we turn on or off the light frequently.

Efficient conversion, so it can reduce heat: the traditional light can produce lots of heat and the 90% power of LED energy saving light can be turned into visible light. The 80% power of common incandescent light will be turned into heat, while only 20% power can be turned into visible light.

The lighting is better and it is close to the sunlight: the color rendering index of the traditional incandescent is only 20 to 30Ra, while the color rendering index of LED energy saving light can be 70 to 90Ra, and it is close to the natural color of sunlight.

There is no ultraviolet radiation and mosquito: LED light will not produce ultraviolet radiation and infrared ray, so it is not like the traditional light and there will be no many mosquitoes around the light. The room will look more clean and tidy.

High safety performance: the traditional fluorescent light takes advantage of the rectifier to release high voltage to make the room bright and if the voltage is low, then it can not brighten the room. While the LED light can always brighten the room in the certain range of voltage.

It is firm and stable and it can be used for a long time: it takes advantage of the semiconductor chip to brighten the room and there is no filament and glass bulb. It can endure the tremor and is is uneasy to be broken. The service life can be over 30,000 hours.( The service life of common incandescent
light is only 1000 hours and the service life of common energy saving light is only 8000 hours.)

Black LED Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights are modern choice for home decor nowadays. Come with acrylic shade and hold by metal fixture could be installed in flush mount way. square shade size is 19.6W*19.6L*3.9H.

The installation process and precautions of embedded ceiling light

It is inevitable that people will be confronted with the installation problem of embedded ceiling light. At this time, people usually feel at a loss when face the problem. Then, what we should do when we install the embedded ceiling light? What are those methods and precautions of installing embedded ceiling light? Next, Savelights will make a detailed introduction for you.

First, the installation process and method of installing embedded ceiling light.
The installation process of embedded ceiling light.
Firstly, we can punch a square or round hole on the installation position of ceiling.
We can punch a hole on the place where it needs to install an embedded ceiling light, then it is convenient for people to install the light. We should fix the position of ceiling light and the size of hole should be corresponded with the area of the ceiling.
Secondly, when we install the embedded ceiling light, we need to install the installation card on the two sides of the light. Then, we can install the the light into the square or round hole.
Thirdly, we can connect the wire and put the wiring cover stable and then twist the screw tightly.
The number of screw which used to fix the lamp holder should be not fewer than the number of fixed holes on the lamp holder. And the diameter of the screw should be corresponded with the diameter of hole. If there is no fixed hole on the lamp holder, then we need to punch the hole by ourselves. The screw for fixing the lamp holder should not be fewer than three. And the center of gravity of the light should be corresponded with the center of gravity of the screw.
Fourthly, we can put the light and fix it.
We need to press the reed on the two sides of the light and then put the light into the hole of the ceiling. The inside reed gore to the ceiling and then we press the lampshade and push the light up forcefully. Finally, we need to fix it tightly. Then, the installation process is finished.

Second, the replacement steps of the tube of embedded ceiling light.
Firstly, we can press the open position of lampshade softly, and the lampshade will open automatically. Then, we remove the lampshade.
Second, unplug the broken tube forcefully.
Thirdly, we can aim the four copper needle of the new tube at the socket and insert into it forcefully. Attention: the tube in different type have different situations
Fourthly, we need to put the lampshade on the lamp holder in the right direction and press it in the corresponding position forcefully. If we install the shade incorrectly, then the lampshade will fall down.

Second, the precaution of installing embedded ceiling light.
First, the ceiling light can not be installed on the combustible goods directly.
Some families put the painted plywood on the back of the ceiling light to make it look more beautiful, but it is very dangerous actually. We must take actions to insulate the heat. If the part of the surface which in high temperature is close to the combustible goods, then we also need to take actions to insulate the heat or dissipate the heat.
Besides, packing the connecting wire well.
The two threads which used to connect the power wire of ceiling light should have a good electrical contact. And we also need to pack it with black tape respectively and keep a certain distance. We should try our best to not put the two threads under a metal sheet, or it will get a short circuit and become dangerous.
In addition, we should check it before installing the ceiling light.
The section of every wire core should be not less than 0.75mm2, or we must change the lead.
The connection between the lead and the head of the light, and the parallel wires should be fixed. It should get a good electric contact, or there will spark between the lead and terminal. It is very dangerous.
Finally, we need to ensure the safety.
We’d better tell kids not to throw balloon to the indoor light, or kids will get hurt if the pendant falls down. And the decoration effect will be influenced greatly.
Here are the installation process and precautions of installing embedded ceiling light and I hope that it will be helpful for you. If you want to know more information, then you can pay close attention to Savelights. Savelights will provide you with more complete, detailed and newer information.

Blue Floral Ceiling Lights

Decorative Tiffany ceiling lights accented by beautiful floral pattern in blue color. Glass shade protest E27 bulb base which is convenient for incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs.

How to install ceiling lights?

Led ceiling lights are the popular lighting fixtures nowadays, good functional characteristics are necessary for us, the character of led ceiling light is green and environmental, more energy-saving, led ceiling light is brighter at night, then it would harm our eyes, there is soft light and change multi lighting colors, it is good at the performance, then savelights would introduce you how to install the ceiling lights.

H ow to install led ceiling lights?

1. choose good position

Before installing ceiling lights, we had better make the installation position firstly, especially in the center of living room, dinning room and kitchen, then the light would be balanced, as for bedroom, we had better consider the influence for sleep, so the ceiling light had better not be installed above the bed. In addition to, we need to choose the wall or ceiling with masonry structure, we had better not choose wood wall space in avoid of falling down.

2. Tear down shade

Before tearing down shade of ceiling light, in general, there are rotate and bottom up two types, before you tearing down the fixture, in order not to ruin the ceiling light fixture, you can also tear down the light bulb, in order not to smash the fixture.

3. install ceiling plate

We can install base in the advanced position, then we can remark by pencial and take the base, drill the hole by tool, and fix the anchoring screw, we had better notice the diameter of borehole satisfied with screw, then take the base back to advanced position and fix it.

4. connect the wire

After fixing the base, then we can connect the wire to base totally, in addition to, the two wires connected to ceiling light, electrical contact should be better, at the same time, we had better wrap up by black tape and keep distance, at the same time, we had better not put two pcs of wires under same metal and avoid short circuit.

5. install shade and pendant decoration

After connecting the wire, we could turn on the switch, if it is ok, then we can cut down the power supply and install the shade. we also can install series of pendant decoration, since every pendant light decorations are different, so as to the related methods you can refer to the specifications. The pendant decorations can be remained, we can keeps it for future.

LED ceiling light range of application

1. It can be used for indoor and outdoor, at the same time, it can decorate our house.

2. Function of advertisement

3. Has antitheft, fireproof and making air clean function

Finally, savelights recommend that when you purchase LED ceiling lights, we had better choose big brand, then the quality can be ensured. The above could be the whole content about LED ceiling light, I think you would have some knowing about cceiling light, hope this passage could help you a little.

Simple Modern Ceiling Lights

Polished brass technology protest fixture shinny all the time and from rust. Hardware fixture and acrylic shade in white color can go with all decors for interiors decoration.

Tiffany is more than jewelry

When we talk about Tiffany, we must think of the queen of jewelry. Another scene is that the famous Hepburn in black evening dress wears the precious necklace. Maybe in all women’s mental world, Tiffany is the symbol of love and beauty, the romance and dream. However, our website Savelights don’t like the luxury jewelry, and it just inherit the Tiffany Lamp in original style of the famous artist —- Louis.

The lampshade is made of high-end colorful glass. It is different from most common glass. Its surface of the floor lamp is not smooth and most shade is decorated with floral pattern. It is produced by hand. It is colorful and the craft is exquisite. The lightning is soft and warm.

The people who like the lamp on Savelights need to pay attention that this kind of lamp in artistic feeling has a high demand on the home furnishing. It is only suitable for the home furnishing in Chinese, western or retro style. If we choose the lamp to decorate the simple and modern room, then it looks very strange. With the development of times, Tiffany Lamp has more surprising styles, but not only in the traditional style. Let’s have a look!

Have you attracted by Tiffany Lamp? Whether you want to renovate your home? I believe that no one can resist the splendid beauty.

Next, I will introduce the Tiffany lamp in our website—-Savelights.

Unique Decorative Ceiling Lights
This lamp is filled with strong artistic feeling. It has a good design and it combines the exquisite modern craft with the classic temperature together. So, it creates a graceful and retro feeling for our modern life.

Mushroom Series Colorful Kids bedroom ceiling lights

Update kids’ room to be pleasant and fanciful,  brighten up children’ s word, lighting fixture is an essential part. For parents the main reason why they purchasing kids’ bedroom lighting fixture is to give children a stable living place and learning environment. For kids are extremely picky for their age and character, many thinks have to think of when doing kids’ bedroom lighting fixture selection.
kids bedroom ceiling lights

kids bedroom ceiling lights: $138.99, save 40%.

Lamps used for kids’ room should suit the mentality of the children. Usually young boys or girls prefer to something that is fun and cute This color mushroom ceiling light would be a safe choice.
kids bedroom ceiling lights

The Cute 4-Light Mushroom Shaped Kids Ceiling Light is made of glass and PVC fireproof materials that is safety assurance and long-term durability. Square ceiling plate is 50 cm width by 50 cm length. Hanging mushroom decoration chain is adjustable can be extend to 60 cm. Each glass shade dimension is 12cm high and 12.5cm wide of the diameter. Mushroom width and length is 9.8cm and 9.5cm.
kids bedroom ceiling lights

Well workmanship kids’ bedroom ceiling light comes with green ceiling plate which is made of PVC material. Glass shade in white color works well on light transmission, accompanied with E27 bulb socket can be used for any type of bulb. Wrought iron connection connect the ceiling plate and glass shade.
kids bedroom ceiling lights

Mushroom decoration is made of wooden material colored with red, yellow and blue super cute to look at, holding by an adjustable rope.

Retro Industrial – Wrought Iron Gear Industrial Ceiling Lights

Industrial Ceiling Light

Industrial Ceiling Light: $142.99, Save 40%.

Retro industrial and simple power wrought iron lighting fixture is one of the most popular lighting option in the market. And industrial lighting fixture rapidly rising to their position in home decorating, becoming more and more popular for interiors, can be fund a lots in private home.
Industrial Ceiling Light

Be innovative, smart and effective when doing home renovation,this gear ceiling light would be an unique accent. Double-layer gear diameter is about 36cm and fixture height is 30cm. Would not take much space that can be used for any room.
Industrial Ceiling Light

High temperature paint finish and laser cutting process give a touch of classic industrial retro atmosphere.
Industrial Ceiling Light

Creative gear modeling design idea is unique and stylish which is can traced back to 60th industrial time. That is definitely nostalgic and retro look.
Industrial Ceiling Light

Three-light socket, picture shown using A19 bulb, E27 screw base also can be used for incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs.

Do Not Miss It -Black Wrought Iron Ceiling Light

Wrought Iron Ceiling Lights

Wrought Iron Ceiling Lights: $216.99, save 40%.

Find something new to take on classic design, black wrought iron ceiling light would be one choice. Wrought iron is extremely useful and can get you a lot of attention, surely your guest and your friend will be impressed in second.
Wrought Iron Ceiling Lights

The blackout wrought iron ceiling light is semi flush mount way comes with 6-light that is able to offer sufficient light so help you work safely. If you want to know if six lights can fix your room, take a look of its dimension here. The fixture height is 12.9 inch (33 cm) and fixture diameter is 31.4 inch (80 cm). Single lampshade diameter is about 17.5 cm.
Wrought Iron Ceiling Lights

Wrought iron lighting fixture is well known as industrial lighting mostly used as lights for factory. But being a trend for home decorating nowadays.
Wrought Iron Ceiling Lights

1:Painting finish process protest wrought iron fixture from rust, solidly and not easily deformed. 2:Lampshade is made of fabric which is high temperature resistance and work well on light transmission.
3:E27 bulb base is made according to international standard which can be used incandescent bulbs,energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs.
4:Compass bracket support the lamps and keep them in balance. Also provide your house the ultimate look.