Chandeliers for Dining Room

The best dining room chandeliers can actually make a mundane meal become a gourmet dining experience. It doesn’t matter whether your dining area is marginally defined in an open floor plan or it is extremely formal and commands its own room in the home. This type of lighting chandeliers should be thoughtfully designed and executed so that it can accent a meal. Most preferably, it should be indirect and subdued, a cascade of light that bathes the table and entire room in a lovely, soft light. There are reputable manufacturers who offer the best selection of both formal and casual chandeliers for the dining room.

Industrial Lighting for dining room

Take your time to go through the modest chandeliers from beautiful crystal designs to warm looks that are crafted in wood and bronze. You will always find a wide variety of styles and sizes that fit any room. However, it is not an easy task as some may think because there are thousands of chandeliers from which to choose. The fact that technology has opened up so many possibilities, most companies are coming up with new ideas in the market. If you want to determine the perfect dining room chandelier, the first thing you need to do is to decide on a style.

You can set a modern atmosphere by choosing the chrome and glass chandeliers. Most homeowners consider crystal chandeliers to be more traditional and one can achieve an industrial edge by choosing the iron shade. Make sure you really like whatever you choose to avoid ruining your home decor. Making good choices will be an extension of your style and memories incorporated in the decoration of your interiors. The size of the chandelier is also an essential factor to consider and there are two easy ways you can settle on the appropriate fixture.

dining room crystal chandelier

The first method is to measure the length and width of the room, sum them up and then convert this number to inches. You can also choose a chandelier that is three-quarters the width of your dining table. It is a general rule for that the bottom of the chandelier hangs between thirty and thirty-six inches (30-36″) from the tabletop. Hang the fixture a little higher if your ceiling exceeds with eight inches. The intensity of light required is greatly affected by the color of your walls. The lighter colored walls tend to reflect more light compared to the dark walls and thus would require less horsepower in terms of wattage. You will now have a good idea for placement if you were replacing an old chandelier with a new one.

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