Rustic lighting for the shabby chic home

Antique and vintage lighting fixtures in homes are a big trend these days. People love to add a bit of vintage spice to their world of chic modernity. Rustic pendant lights are the best way to impart a rustic charm to your modern homes. While typical industrial light fixtures are not for the faint hearted, rustic pendant lights are a bit more easy on the eye with their timeless allure.

When shopping for lighting fixtures keep in mind the size of your room, height of the ceilings and the style of your room. Visit a few yard sales and antique shows to grab one of a kind exquisite pieces. If you can’t do that, you need not worry, a lot of stores now have many varieties of lights including ones with a rustic look. Otherwise, internet is your best friend. There are many stores which deal in antique furnishings and lights. Check them out and who knows you might end up striking gold!

Pastoral ceiling light

Pastoral ceiling light

This rustic pendant light is full of American pastoral temperament, drum shaped shade with crystal decoration is the best connection to vintage house. This fixture has polished brass finish, surface is smooth and exquisite.

Rustic pendant lights are a highly flexible and charming style of lighting. They will always complement your look of the room, overall. These lights can be used in rooms with high ceilings and exposed beams, or in kitchens over the island where modern architecture would mingle very well with the soft classical smooth edges of pendant lights. These lights are a splendid addition to a dining room and they would make any room look grand.

For a classic vintage look, go for a distressed lamp. These would go best with the minimalistic style in a room, in a modern room it might dampen the bright spirit. Take polished, hammered disc pendant of copper or brass for a more polished look. You might want to decide upon the shape of your light too. There are large pendant lights that even though look exquisite they might look too big in a small room or a room with completely contemporary decor. Consider which elements you want to highlight and which you’d rather ignore and that would help you decide the type of lighting fixture you might use. Install a dimmer to control the amount of lighting you might want in the room.

Mediterranean style Tiffany lights

Mediterranean style Tiffany lights

The colored glass pendant light is the best decoration for the house, umbrella shaped fixture adds rustic temperament to any occasions. Fixture itself has polished brass finish, downlight lamp holder provides enough brightness.

Choose large colored glass pendants with brass or copper details in your living room or your dining area, they can also be used in the hallway to welcome your guests with a cheerful glow. Clear glass pendants are also absolutely lovely. They give a very elegant and romantic effect to the room. If you have special period features in your house rustic pendant lights would be an excellent choice.

An over-sized light will be the focal point in any room, it can show off your aesthetic sense quite well. Clear glass pendants with a caged frame and naked light speak volumes of your refined taste, large colored glass pendant also give a sophisticated charm to the room. In a house with many period features  you might want to choose a distressed metal shade for your light.

Vintage lights are back in fashion in a big way, if you choose to put one in your house it will not only be a latest trend but these lights are also sure to woo everyone. Rustic pendant lights are a perfect addition to any house. Just be sure to choose a light that compliments the design of the room and adds to its beauty.

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