Decor Ideas Using Glass Wall Sconce

The use of glass wall lighting can be traced back to Roman civilization 2000 years back. However, today glass wall sconce is one of the most common types of lighting found invariably in schools, offices, commercial spaces and houses.

Concept of Glass Wall Sconce

It is a versatile lighting style often used in areas where you may require a little additional lighting to light a dark area. These wall fitting lights come in a wide variety of glass designs, shapes, decorative styles and shades. It can essentially be used for decorative lighting, or as task lighting in study areas, hall ways, or dine out areas. This type of lighting finds great scope of usage even in restaurants, hotels, offices, etc. These wall sconces appear to be like wall hanging candle holders. You can actually use them for different purpose by altering the light power.

Wood Wall Sconce Shelf

Use of Wall Sconce

When it comes to glass wall sconce, they are undoubtedly sophisticated lighting options which you can use artistically in different areas.

Owing to their exclusive decorative look and artistic designs they are great lighting option for hall ways or living areas where you always prefer something that would easily catch the attention of people as well as offer sufficient lighting.

These wall sconces being made of glass offer bright lighting, clear and effective distribution of light.

Since a glass wall sconce occupy minimum space for installation, you can essentially use them wherever you find narrow and limited lighting scopes like, doorways, or above the vanity mirrors in bathrooms or above wash basins.

Installing a series of similar looking wall sconce in the corridor can definitely enhance dramatic elegance.

Water pipe rack

Water pipe rack

As we know, a glass wall sconce can change the environment of whole home to be European vintage style, then we can match the unique shelf with glass wall sconce.  It is made of wood and the whole style looks industrial and chic. We can put some plant pots or wine bottles on it.  And also the wall looks not too monotonously.

Besides, you can select glass shades, designs, and textures from a wide array of sconce designs easily available in the market. This can also be a budget lighting solution against the contemporary lighting styles offering contemporary, classic, modern, traditional appeals accordingly with different designs.

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