Choosing perfect bedroom ceiling lights

Flush mount light

Bedroom is the important part of our lives as we spend the quality time in our bedroom. Lighting in bedroom plays an important role in giving it an enhancing and relaxing mode. In order to get the ambient light in your bedroom the bedroom ceiling lights are important. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. They can be either in form of hanging or in the form of flush mounted one. The type of bedroom ceiling light completely depends on the size of room and also on the height of you bedroom ceiling.

Creative Shaped bedroom Ceiling Light

In some cases, people use the recessed light to get a streamlined look in the bedroom. The flush mount bedroom ceiling lights are available in different styles and sizes. You can get the best light for your small bedroom as well which works perfectly with the décor of your room. When you prefer to choose the flush mount light in your bedroom you need to choose between the semi flush mount and close flush mount. The close flush mount is the one which directly sits on the ceiling and the semi flush light is the one which hangs some inches down thus leaving some space between the fixture and ceiling.

Close mount light

bedroom ceiling lights

If your ceilings are below 8 feet then choosing the close flush mount bedroom ceiling light it is more preferable. Ceiling heights of more than 9 to 10 feet needs a semi flush mount light? In case your bedroom has ceiling height more than 10 feet then you should consider choosing a hanging light rather than flush mount lights. When you are installing the bedroom ceiling light keep in mind to place them in the center of the room is that it gives the light effect throughout the room. Install some well placed fixture but make sure that you don’t install too many fixtures.

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