The appreciation of European living room chandelier rendering

There are sofa and TV and some other large equipments in the living room. The design of living room chandelier is also very important. The chandelier can add the funky feeling of home. The following rendering is about European living room chandelier.

The design of European living room is various. The whole furniture and equipment are in European style, and the small equipments are also in European style. Then, what are those renderings of European living room chandelier? Let’s have a look at.

First, the chandelier of European living room is mainly used to satisfy most European lovers. The chandelier can make the living room more natural, pure and country.

Second, the ceiling is in round shape. And the chandelier is made of lots of little bulbs. The European wallpaper, sofa and chandelier create a better European feeling.

Third, the black lamp cap and the white design of chandelier can go well with the style of round tea table. The whole decoration is in white color, so it can make the European pastoral style more obvious.

Fourth: the crystal chandelier and the red furniture and create a strong American feeling. The black tea table makes the whole night look more beautiful.

Fifth, the crystal chandelier is in the candle shape. And the size of the sofa is different but looks neat. So the whole living room looks warm and natural.

The European chandelier can improve the effect which brought by the furniture and it can create a strong funky feeling. All above are renderings of European living room chandelier, and I hope you will like it.

Decorative Chandelier 8-Light

Rustic iron chandelier has wrought iron fixture which could resistance to rust and corrosion. It also used glass material as its shades which could make the light soft and mild.

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