How to choose the good quality of ceiling light?

There are many different kinds of ceiling light styles, such as, modern style, pastoral style, European style, Italian style and etc, the common style is simple, that is easy to be matched and popular with many people. At the same time, we have to see the whole design of furniture, if you want to purchase the good quality ceiling light, then you need to notice following tips.

All the lighting source of incandesccent lamps can be lighted on by ballast, that brings the momentary volatge and stability, whether the ballast is good or not, that decides the life of ceiling light and lighting effect, in general, professional manufacture would make the good quality ballast.

Almost ceiling light is white color, in our opinion, some people would think the ceiling light is brighter, but some is darker, some is white, and some is purple or blue, that is because of different lighting effect and color temperature.

Some manufacture will make the color temperature higher in order to let the light brighter, because of its low lighting souce, in fact it is not real bright, just for our illusion, if you live under this environment, then your vision would be worse.

There are acrylic shade, plastic shade and glass shade, the best is the imported acrylic shade, the feature of shade is soft, lightware and good transparent of light, it is not easy to be colored. When you purchase the lighting fixture, if you press the shade with hand, you can see the softness, softer is better. Then we can take the shade off, see whether it is convenient.

Beautiful Tiffany Ceiling Light

Contemporary ceiling light has four lights for lighting, there are a big shell shade for covering them which could make the light soft and mild. The screw base could be E27 which apply to most bulbs.

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