How to design the light to make it go well with the home decoration?

In modern home decoration, the light can not only brighten the room, but also decorate the room. Next, Savelights will tell you how to design the most suitable light for home decoration.

The light in living room should be able to create an elegant, reliable and warm environment, then guests will feel at home. We can install a chandelier with single bulbs or several bulbs in the center of the room and the other lights can be floor light, wall lamp, projection lamp and so on. This kind of setting looks steady and elegant. We can also choose the light according to different needs. All lights can work simultaneously and the single light can also create a special environment.

If the dining room is spacious enough, then we can choose the chandelier as the main light. We can also add the wall lamp to be the auxiliary light. For example, we can combine the chandelier and the mosaic light on the ceiling together. It can not only satisfy the basic lighting of the room, but also can provide the dinning room with partial lighting.

Apart from the basic lighting, the dining room pays more attention to the feeling of dining. It can create a warm and romantic home environment. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the warm light which can be adjusted freely. We should not chose the cold light like fluorescent light to save power.

The lighting for the bedroom should not be too strong or too white, or it will make the room more rigid and without vitality. We’d better choose the warm light to make the bedroom warm and romantic. We can also install partial light for the bedroom, such as bedside light. It is convenient for people to read before sleeping.

The lighting for study room should be bright and soft. We can turn on the main light when there is several friends chatting with each other. And we only need to turn on the table light when we work or study. We should choose the table light which can satisfy the demand of working and studying. It’s unwise for us to choose the colorful glass with diffusion light or the craft table lamp with decorative shade. We can install several small spotlights in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only let us find books easily, but also can keep the temperature to avoid wet and rot of books.

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