Boutique crystal chandeliers appreciation

Shinning crystal has collection and decoration value in old times, at the same time it is called by beauty, crystal, bead and stc. Next we will show you the boutique pics of crystal chandeliers, next we will show you the beauty of crystal chandeliers that brought to us.

Beige and clear crystal bead and pink flower are popular with people. European arc fixtures are added to elegant, gorgeous temperament. This pendant light is like flower and girl.

This crystal chandelier seems like to be hung in wrong position, not matched with environment. But if we use another vision to enjoy it, we will find its special beauty. This crystal chandelier has special comparision with rust wall and ancient lights., at the same time the flower on the table is echoing with crystal chandeliers.

Romantic roman shades with warm atmosphere, that creates silent and warm atmosphere. Dark green wall paper, soft carpet and luxury crystal chandeliers reflect luxury and taste.

Under the shinning of crystal chandeliers, luxury room reflects sunshine atmosphere, the whole room is in a mess, it is perfect in color and duzzy, it reflects usage of color and pastoral temperament.

British designer Lee Broom and famous handmade crystal manufacture Cumnria pushes out this crystal chandelier from traditional crystal cutting technology, it is made of popular water bottle, combined with industrial elements and decoration, that turns light bulb into enjoy artwork. This pendant light is handmade, that has timeless crystal picture, inside has G9 LED light.

Dramatic Ceiling Lights

Crystal flush mount ceiling light is composed of crystal and glass shade, hardware ceiling plate with E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 10.2″ * 31.4″ * 39.2″. Hardware ceiling plate suffers the pressure from crystal embellishment.

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