Bring Abode that Glamour with Exquisite Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Bring Abode that Glamour with Exquisite Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

It is believed that light brings in positive energy wherever it goes. For this reason, it becomes an absolute must to have our homes well illuminated. But there is a lot more you can do, if you are ready to get a little creative with that lighting. Semi flush ceiling lights are a great way to incorporate that creativity. Presenting, their three ingenious uses:

Play with light for dramatic effect – Lights used in different intensities for distinct spaces, can help create a specific ambience. For instance, to fine tune an area for a peaceful vibe, these light fixtures can be used to highlight the wall texture, while dimming the light effect in the rest of the room. Since the shade is not attached to the ceiling, the top opening emits a brighter light than that emitted at the bottom. This also contributes to creating a dramatic yet beautiful light effect.

Create the illusion of a higher ceiling– If you wish for your room to appear more expansive, using semi flush ceiling lights is a great option. The brighter light emitted at the top opening creates an illusion of a higher ceiling, making the room appear more spacious than it actually is.

Draw attention to your favourite artwork – Those of you having a fine taste for art works such as renowned paintings or have a passion for collecting artefacts, here is your chance to draw your priceless collection the attention that it truly deserves! Right amount of lighting just above one such painting instantly draws attention to it. A dim light effect or adding that hint of colour using a pastel coloured shade further add to creating a distinct, appealing atmosphere around the artwork. You never know, such areas might become the most talked about section of your home.

So what say; are you ready to bring home glamour with the exquisite semi flush ceiling lights?