The Chic and Outstanding Hand Blown Glass Industrial Ceiling Lighting

Hand Blown Glass Industrial Ceiling Lighting: $248.99, save 40% off.

Most people think that industrial ceiling lights are too chic for normal home decoration. So they rarely consider selecting industrial ceiling lights for their house. But this kind of ceiling lights are hand blown and very artistic. And you do not need to worry about the matching of other interior decorations because they are easy to match every style of decoration. Do they impress you?

The chic hand blown glass industrial ceiling lights have 10 bulb base which could provide enough lighting. They are very suitable for your living room or dining room. Fixture height is 19.6 inch (50 cm) and diameter is 35.4 inch (90 cm).

This industrial ceiling lights are made of wrought iron and the shade material is glass which are not easy to corrode and convenient to clean.

Transparent glass shade will protect the bulb completely. E26/27 bulb base can be apply to this lights.

Although this ceiling lights look bigger than normal lights, but they do not weigh too much and easy to install.

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