Down-light Black Design Umbrella Industrial Lighting Vintage

Industrial style lights becoming more and more popular today, for ours’ pursuit. Too much modern and fashion elements, we already tired of these. What we need most is natural, primitive, past. And this is want industrial lights could give you.
Black Wall Sconces

Black Wall Sconces USD$142.99, save 40%off.
From its appearance, you can’t figure what is it, lights, decoration, or art crafts? Yes, this is its charming. It very suits for bar counter, coffee shop, leisure area etc. It has double lights for lighting which should cater to E26/E27 bulb base.

Black Wall Sconces

It also has two shade to protect the bulb from scratch. The classic umbrella shape design is attractive and decorative. It also has black painting finish on the surface to make sure the shade is firm and solid.

Black Wall Sconces

And the bulb base was made of whole brass material which has high end quality. It could suffer high pressure and high temperature.

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